In the Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster the New Moon signals the beginning of the New Year starting on January 28 2017 and ending on February 15th 2018.


The Lunar Year of the Fire Rooster is symbolized by Yin Fire above Yin Metal


Fire above Metal represents a fighting relationship

because Fire destroys Metal. Thus 2017 is going to bring conflicts and destructive forces to the forefront.

According to the controlling cycle of elements, Fire controls Metal. After a Yang Fire-dominated Year of the Monkey, the year of the Rooster may continue to bring conflicts as Yin Fire may create a spark that can start destructive fires. Yin Fire also burns with a slow, steady flow, increasing the chances for lasting wide-spread wars, especially in the Western and Southern regions of the world.


The Chinese symbol for the Fire Rooster is Ding You

Yin Fire above can change the metal’s structure, and melt it into a liquid state. The above, of course is meant to be taken more symbolically, rather than literally. In the case of Earth Changes we can take this literally, as occurrences of Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions may be on the increase  in 2017.

The month ruled by the Rooster sign is September: the first month of the Fall season. It is high time for the harvest. The Earth is parched dry, resulting from the summer’s heat.


Fire Rooster character

People born in the sign of the Fire Rooster are self-assured and highly motivated, able to command others and work in a precise organized manner. Yin Fire can sometimes make them over-dramatic and nervous.

Fire brings optimism, a great sense of humor and a kind disposition to the Rooster character. They are also praised for their great diligence and intense work ethic. Roosters make excellent managers, making great independent decisions, not being swayed by popular opinions.

The Fire Rooster character makes for great romantic dates, as the male Rooster is highly skilled with the opposite sex and his charming abilities cannot be underestimated. The female Rooster loves to be the center of attention in a group of other females. Roosters have strong opinions and principles and are not afraid to make their views known, even if they may offend others.

The year of the Fire Rooster may be speckled with arguments, massive search for the truth and the interchange of many conflicting ideologies that can be quite exhausting for non-Roosters.

2017 – Economic Boost

After 8 years of on and off economic stagnation, the Yin Fire influence brings optimism, motivation to rebuild, refinance and reinvest, in short the year 2017 can bring on an economic boost overall, especially during the first six months of the year.


Annual Flying Stars – 2017

With the positive Annual Flying Star of 1 White Water Star we can look forward to being more motivated and place trust in future success more so than than in previous years.

This is an introductory overview of my new year series for the Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster. Please stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 on how all signs will fare in the new year, including my forecast on economic and political outlook, health, earth changes and much more.

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