Part 3 of the New Years Forecast for 2017 or the year of the Fire Rooster offers a short summary of what to expect this year so you can better  prepare.

This Fire Rooster Year is going to be unstable at best and a dangerous year at worst

Yin Fire above Yin Metal still continues to bring conflicts mixed with a great dose of optimism and nervous anticipation. Yin Fire, like matches, can ignite big fires and disasters. Fire above Metal can also symbolize weapons of war. In fact the Fire Rooster does like to play war and many Roosters become high ranking military officers, due to their disciplined and feisty nature. Therefore explosions or sudden attacks are likely to occur during the rule of this Rooster.

Since 2014 we are into the fourth year of what we call a 20-year Rebirth cycle. This will be the revolutionary time period of free renewable energy becoming more widely accepted and used by the masses.

In 2017 we are still to witness much turmoil and general unrest in many places on this Earth plane. However, in the current new ‘Rebirth’ cycle there is a hidden energy flow: a significant shift in consciousness. In this new year there is a feverish drive to get to the truth and a deep desire to get along to build a peaceful world. We may not see tangible results just yet, but the grassroots are being planted now.

The fight for Humanity’s survival is at stake

In the last year, ruled by the Fire Monkey we had the opportunity to witness how the powerful Yang Fire element began to burn up old, outdated systems that no longer serve us. As a follow-up, the Yin Fire-Metal combo will finish the job: we will see serious systemic transformations worldwide. The old guard is being replaced by leaderships that are selected by the people of Main street. The battles may become heated and dangerous at times, but the fight for Humanity’s survival is at stake.

While Fire can be destructive, it also provides light and healing, and warms the hearts.  Yin Fire can bring much enthusiasm and hope to the hearts and minds of the forgotten masses. The detail-minded, meticulous Rooster will get us all dig deeper and urges us on to find out the truth about what is keeping us oppressed.

Fire Rooster Year Forecast: Economy and Politics

The Yin Fire element symbolizes much needed optimism and the Fire Rooster brings out the ‘Romance Star’ in 2017. The Romance and Beauty emanating from this star shines a favorable light on the entertainment and glamour industries. We can also expect new discoveries and surprising innovations hitting the headlines. The technology-minded Rooster could inspire a new hi-tech revolution of sorts.

Fire Rooster

Yin Fire sheds light on Politics, and the Rooster‘s suspicious investigative nature takes us down the path of discovery and thorough investigation about Politics in general and may also shed light on the actions and misgivings of elected politicians. Roosters are capable of inciting great dramas, so get ready to see much infighting and back-stabbing news coming out in the media.

The positive outlook and optimistic nature of the Fire Rooster may bring growth and confidence to the Financial markets. Investment-type businesses will also greatly benefit from this positive sentiment, even though all of it may turn out to be an illusion, especially towards the latter half of the year.

The service industries, such as Food and Restaurant businesses may flourish during 2017. Fire represents a great surge of energy, so the sports and fitness industries may also see greater profits this year. Fire heats up the air, creating ‘hot air’ so the media in general will benefit ‘airing’ info about all the ongoing scandals, as nobody is off limits for them.

Water-related and transportation industries gain more profits, as the Fire element represents financial fortune for them. Earth-related industries gain great momentum as well, as Fire gives birth to Earth and Earth produces Metal. The first half of this year will be a good period for the Real Estate markets and construction industries as well.

Fire Rooster Year: Health

Based on Chinese medicine the  Yin Fire element rules the heart and blood circulation. It is also related to the brain, the nervous system and the eyes. Yin Metal rules the lungs and the skin. We may witness a surge of lungs and respiratory health issues or increased skin problems for many people affected by these elements in their charts. This year Yin Fire burns Yin Metal, so we must watch out for the increase of skin and lungs related infections.

Much optimism, drive, confidence and innovative solutions may outnumber the obstacles

Summary: In 2017 we may still expect conflict, drama and disharmony both domestically and in international relationships, so it may not be a very peaceful year. However, much optimism, drive confidence and innovative solutions may outnumber the obstacles.

What this 20 year ‘Rebirth’ cycle offers will continue to amaze all of us. While the year of the Fire Monkey gave us a Big Cleanser year, the Fire Rooster is tough and thorough, finishing the clean-up of the old unsupported power structures that kept us in bondage for decades.

Fire Rooster Year  2017 –  Flying Stars

Fire Rooster

In 2017 the positive influence of the 1 White Water Star in the center of the Magic Square will be helpful to make us look forward to a better future, bringing hope and motivation and place trust in future success more so than in previous years.

However, if out of control, Water can cause major disasters in any central location of a country, continent or the center of a home or business. In a personal or business environment use the lucky bamboo as a mitigating Feng Shui cure in the center.

Fire Rooster Year

The Oroville Dam Disaster in California during the reign of the Water Tiger in February 2017

The 2 Black Earth sickness Star flying into the NW- may be affecting the crops and the harvest in depleted soil environments, so for farmers this is also a year to take heed. Replenishing and protecting the land and crops from big losses due to wide-spread diseases may be an urgent task for them, especially in the North-Western parts of a country or region. In a personal environment it is best to use Metal Feng Shui cures, such as wind chimes to help dissolve this star’s influence.

In the New Year of the Fire Rooster access to good quality water will continue to be a central issue worldwide, and it may reach higher crisis levels, as it did last year.

In 2017 the double-trouble Yellow 5 Star, symbolizing obstacles, is located in the South. It is best to to mitigate its influence with Metal wind chimes. The worst months of its influence will be in March, September and December.

Another trouble star, the volatile 3 Wood star is visiting the West, meeting up with the Grand Duke there, indicating fights, disagreements and much ego-based dramas in this region. This sector should be protected with Feng Shui cures.  Red colors in decoration, fire place, candles, or pyramid shaped objects may be used in the Western part of a home or office. The West area of a country or continent must be watched for increased natural disasters in 2017.

One of the two auspicious Stars, the 8 Earth Star, bringing Wealth Luck to the East and the 6 White Metal Star – or Heaven Luck Star- bringing more power, inner strength and overall success will visit the North sectors.  We may use crystals to enhance and activate the good energies of these areas.

The Purple 9 Fire “helper” Star usually brings future fame and improvement and this year it flies to the South-East region. This sector may benefit from future progress and good fortune in the coming years.

Thank you for checking out my New Year Forecast ruled by the Fire Rooster and the magical effects of the Flying Stars for 2017.  You can order a detailed, personalized Ba Zi Four Pillars consultation, a classical tarot reading, or a Life Coaching session here.

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