The Spring Equinox is known as the First Day of Spring on the Northern plane and First Day of Fall on the Southern plane, arriving on March 20. 2018.

To be exact, the Spring Equinox takes place on March 20th, 2018 at 1:15 PM EST on the Northern plane. This is the official start of Spring and will last until June 21st, the day of the Summer Solstice.

spring equinox

The Spring Equinox each year represents an opportunity of fundamental change and transition

The first day of Spring marks the moment the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, an imaginary line. The Equinox has been celebrated for millennia by our ancestors as it is an important gateway that  marks the seasons in linear time within our Reality. It is one of the 2 times in a yearly cycle when day and night are equal or close to equal in length: 12 hours of Daytime, 12 hours of Nighttime.

Daylight begins to increase the first day of Spring, until we reach the next marker on the yearly cycle: the Summer Solstice. On the first day of Spring we should celebrate New Birth and Renewal, as each Equinox opens up the gateway to access more light here in this dense material Realm.

The Spring Equinox offers an excellent moment to connect with our Higher Dimensional Selves and transcend to our greater Purpose here

Like the cycles of day and night, the seasons flow from Light to Dark, offering us two opposite perspectives of consciousness. Consciousness is spread on the the canvas of linear Time,  expanding into this Realm from Higher dimensions, recharging us with renewed awareness.

Spring EquinoxThe Light wave emitted by the Sun traveling East to West

On the Northern plane we celebrate the New Birth of increased Light, bringing with it more energetic activities out in Nature. On the Southern plane activities out in the Light are getting reduced and it is time to celebrate the portal  to deeper Inner knowings. Both celebrations are connected to a sacred point in time on this Space-Time continuum.

The sacred access point of  Eternal Awareness is available to each of us at every moment in time through the Heart

Let us use this sacred moment in time to set our intention for renewal and regeneration and for accessing our Higher Purpose.

The Spring Equinox is an auspicious moment in time to enter into increased awareness through our heart alignment. Our hearts hold the key to the awareness that Eternity is experiencing itself as a fractal each moment in this Time-Space.


We are always connected to Eternal Awareness, whether we accept it or not

So, this Equinox enter your heart space, set your intention to let go of old patterns of thoughts. As you enter your heart more deeply you feel your Soul, then your eternal Self, then your God Self shining through.

May this Spring Equinox bring you a New Beginning – a Rebirth into a great Awakening!


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