Feng Shui Elements - Wood Element
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Hi, Dear Friends,

Happy Spring Equinox 2018!

We made it out of the dark winter days, experiencing the renewal energies of the Wood element, dominating the Spring Season. Most people born in this season carry a lot of the characteristics of Wood. Check out these 2 new articles here and here for more:

"The Wood element is symbolic of new life and development, symbolic of the magic of being alive"...Read more...

Spring Equinox 2018

"....So, this Equinox enter your heart space, set your intention to let go of old patterns of thoughts. As you enter your heart more deeply, you feel your Soul, then your eternal Self, then your God Self shining through....more...

Hope you check in with me when you feel you need a short personal reading :)

Bright Blessings, always,


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