The Wood element is symbolic of new life and development, symbolic of the magic of being alive. The main significance of Wood is growth, such as the young leaves and roots of plants and trees. Wood is ever dynamic, changing and exciting in nature, it is both strong within, yet flexible when needed.

Wood Element

Wood regenerates each spring when the trees and plants send out new growth

In the spring time, when the Ch’i of Wood is at its strongest, the Earth is waking up and living plants and trees are increasing the energy flow of Wood.

The Wood and plant kingdom covering our Earth breathes oxygen and releases beneficial carbon dioxide. This oxygen-to carbon-dioxide exchange is what makes the delicate balance of life in our world possible.

The Wood Element plays an important role to remedy the flow of bad Ch’i in our living environment

Wood Element

We can place live plants or trees in our living environment where we want to prevent good Ch’i from escaping. If not feasible to use live plants, wood objects, tall vertical columnar lines of decor can signify the presence of the Wood Element.

Direction for the Wood element is East and South-East, the Season: spring, the time for growth and learning

The Number 3 Star symbolic of the Wood Element occupies the East in the Magic Square.

Wood Element

The Flying Stars Magic Square

When Wood is balanced, we find knowledge, personal growth, and progress

The Wood element is expressed in planning, designing, futuristic inventions and creative thinking. Without Wood we would not be able to sustain life for very long.

Wood element

Millennia ago Earth’s land space was 80% covered with Woods and plant life. However, just in the last century alone almost 90% of the rich Plant Kingdom has disappeared and/or killed off.

The Wood Element’s dominant colors are in the green and green-bluish hues

Wood is used for building, crafts in almost all areas of life. Vertical lines, tall shapes signify the element of Wood.

Some of the most impressive characteristics of the Wood Element in a personal chart are:

  • Vitality
  • Strong will
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Personal growth
  • Development of one’s mind
  • Progress
  • Money luck
  • Idealism
  • Ethical

It can also represent:

  • Tension
  • Criticism of self and others
  • Repressed anger
  • Thwarted affections
  • Burn-out

The challenge of Wood-Self element people is to transmute anger into kindness

wood element This will allow them to get their ideas accepted and become effective leaders.

Wood-dominant people are usually taller than average, with strong features and a focused expression. They can be easily spotted in a crowd with their unique, often trend-setting style.

In traditional Chinese Medicine Wood rules the liver, the seat of emotions. Wood represents the emotion Anger. Astrologically, Wood signs are: Aquarius – February, Pisces – February/March and Aries – March.

When balanced, Wood can make us feel confident, fearless and full of plans and ideas for the future

When not in balance, excessive Wood can lead to inflexibility, impatience, impulsiveness and irritability.

wood elementIf Wood is too weak, adding Water is helpful…

Wood element

If too strong – Fire can burn off all the excess.

wood element

The ever-changing cycles of the basic five elements make up all life on Earth

The Art of Feng Shui is the Art of Balance. Find out how the five elements affect your personality and the personalities of your loved ones.

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