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Elizabeth is an accurate and result-oriented Holistic Life Coach and Empath with 35 years of coaching experience. Elizabeth was born with sharp Intuitive skills and she developed them as early as her teen years. As an early Indigo she began her Intuitive work since the late 70-s, when it was often unwelcome to speak of Intuition and Clairvoyance.

Her excellent divination skills with classical Tarot and Destiny Analysis can bring you the results you need in these confusing and chaotic times. Her fast, concise and effective guidance in all aspects of life can help you better prepare for life’s challenges. If you are determined to bring excellence to your personal or business life she will help empower you to successfully navigate the complex matrix of life. Elizabeth assisted countless individuals on their quest for higher consciousness, Self Mastery and Personal Freedom. Are you ready?

In a coaching session Elizabeth will help you identify your strengths and blind spots and help you develop new ways to move into the next phase on your journey. If you need new goals, we can identify and focus on how to get you to accept the changes that these new goals may present.

Elizabeth offers a donation-based, sliding scale fee structure for her services to better accommodate all in these uncertain times.


Your Love is the Force that can change the world.

I have seen hundreds of individuals awaken their heart and tap into their own source of Spiritual Power! Everyone has the Right to Spiritual Freedom. I am committed to help you find the right tools to your own empowerment and share this miracle of the heart with you.

Connect to your Omnipresent Higher Consciousness Now!

Through a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and with a thorough knowledge of challenges that are likely to take place, you can take charge of your destiny, to be pro-active in overcoming challenges and to effectively fulfill your life potential. I assure you, that I will not give you “advice”, suggest decisions or “predict your future”: I will only empower you to find the answers within and make better, more informed decisions, yourself.

Today, my greatest intention is to share my intuitive and healing gifts and skills with you, as you made a conscious choice to step on the path of self-discovery and self-growth.

With the words of Lao Tzu: “… those who overcome themselves are truly strong…“

Highest Love and Blessings To All who visit these pages!

 Personal Consultations available by phone: 1-971-252-2063 or skype: elizabeth_peter

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Custom Written Life Charts, yearly, monthly, or short-term analysis by email.