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If you need new goals, we can identify and focus on how to get you to accept the changes that these new goals may present. In the ever faster changing business environment we focus on new possibilities and opportunities to replace outworn, stagnant situations

Coaching is the process of working with a collaborative partner in an empathetic and supported environment

Authentic Tarot Readings

Authentic Tarot sessions by phone/skype or e-mail. Free audio recording included, send by email.

Monthly Mentoring

Find answers with gentle monthly mentoring by phone with a one time monthly donation.

Unlock your True Potential

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Personal or Business Life Coaching
Get help to focus on new opportunities and accept the changes your new goals represent.
Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis

Gain insight into your personality, family, partnerships, business fortune and more with a Four Pillars of Destiny reading. Chose from:

1. Phone reading – 30-60 minutes

2. Written reports

We all go through times when we can use some guidance

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