Advanced Written Destiny Analysis Report

>What is Ba Zi – Four Pillars of Destiny?


  • Are you the kind of person who would dearly love to gain access to all your life secrets?
  • Would you like to maximize the potential of all the most important aspects of your life?
  • Do you want to gain the knowledge of your own self, your relationships, your health and even your luck cycle?
  • Do you want to locate your weaknesses to change them into strengths?

Utilizing Ba Zi, or Four Pillars of Destiny– is an all-encompassing, complete report on all major aspects of your life.

-Gain Insight Into Your Personality

You can have complete and full access into your personality strengths and weaknesses. You can foresee events and be better prepared to face them.

-Gain Insight Into Your Career

Chose the correct career for your purpose in this lifetime. Save time, money and effort by selecting a field that offers you maximum success, pay and satisfaction. Stay competitive in your chosen field because you are prepared at all times. You can have the knowledge, power and certainty to stay ahead of the competition.

-Gain Insight Into Your Relationships

You can gain insight into your love life’s mechanics to enjoy a wonderful relationship. This analysis may help you in your quest for the perfect love match and to maintain a loving, warm and friction-free relationship.

-Gain Insight Into Your Health

You can gain insight to your health status in the long run and consequently this report can help you in making the right choices and decisions.

-Gain Insight Into Your Luck

You can even ascertain your luck cycle’s highs and lows and anticipate golden opportunities when they come your way. You will be always aware and prepared to take advantage of the high tide and be careful during the low tide of your Luck cycle.

Your Advanced Analysis Report will include:

  1. A full and detailed general life outlook in your personality, career, relationship, health and luck cycle
  2. Good and bad luck periods of your personality, career, relationship, health and luck cycle
  3. A supplementary detailed analysis of your luck cycle and its effects to all major aspects of your life
  4.  An analysis of your current situation and any upcoming crucial points that you should note
  5. Answers to any 3 specific questions you submit to us
  6.  …and e-mailed to you.

We will be in touch with you within 24 hours by e-mail to confirm the details you have submitted to us. Your Advanced Destiny Analysis Report will be ready to be e-mailed to the address you enter on our order form within 1 week upon receipt of your order.

Suggested Donation for Written Reports:

  • Individual $120.00

  • Couple: $160.00

  • Family $200.00

>What is Ba Zi – Four Pillars of Destiny?

Soul of man how equal to water!
Fate of man how equal to wind!

                                   -J. W. Goethe

Four Pillars of Destiny