Daily Gratitude Intent

I am grateful and I know that everything that I need at this very moment is standing at the door of my consciousness. It is ready to appear in my life and affairs. I am only to be conscious of this truth and every need is met, every problem solved, every question answered. My conscious awareness and love of my holy high Self within is all I ever need for all eternity. And so it is. “

                                     – Based on a quote by J. R.Price

Hi, Elizabeth, thank you for another amazing reading! Here are some of the details: 1. We just found out yesterday that there was a short hearing scheduled for both sides on June 29 in very early morning, it confirmed you saw an activity for that week of June 28.  2. You did see women.  The lawyers are women except for my husband primary attorney. The other party was represented by  2 lawyers, both are women.  3. The other party is now pushing fast and coming to a court conference, date is August 11, matched your reading.  Every document is due August 4, just as you predicted.                             – Sunring Ch. Chicago, ILL

Thank you, Elizabeth, you have been super accurate with your prediction of my pregnancy. You said we may get pregnant in April or May this year. I am 2 weeks pregnant, we are so happy!        – Ramona V., Munich Germany

Elizabeth, what you said all came to transpire, even to the time and date, in early July. You told me someone will give me a referral and I almost neglected to follow up on it until I remembered what you said. Now I have that creative job, working with a kinder type of people. I can hardly believe it, after all the experiences I went through.

– Sandy L., Cincinnati OH

Elizabeth, this is a long time coming, but I have to tell you, last time your accuracy was spot on! You were right, my son and his wife are expecting another baby – so soon after the first one! My daughter got engaged as you said she will. My heart is so full. Thank you for all you do!

                                            – Laura M., Santa Barbara Ca

Elizabeth has been my Chinese Astrologer for over 10 years. She has been very kind, precise and accurate about 90-99% of the time. I feel confident about her abilities and very thankful for the many occasions she helped me during difficult situations in my life.                                                             – S. Chen, NTC. Taiwan

Elizabeth, when you painted a beautiful picture of my personal chart, mostly made up of Water, suddenly, everything started to make sense. All the years of frustrations with family, friends, strangers healed because I finally understood my relationship with them.  Your wise words helped me understand ME, what my unique path in life is – what I should focus on and not try to please everyone. From now on I will stop looking in the wrong places, trying out career choices that do not suit my individual make-up! For all that and more: I am eternally grateful!

– Jill B. L. A. CA

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for your compassionate spirit, these times brought incredible healing  for me. You are a True Healer!

                                        – Brian B., S. F. CA

Hey, Elizabeth, I can’t believe how precise your recommendation turned out. Just as you said, on Jan. 6th we had the call as the case is moving forward. Your help is immeasurably important and I can’t thank you enough for the years of wisdom and support. I appreciate you and love you!                                                                                                                                                – Leann P., Denver CO

Hi, Elizabeth, I just needed to call you! Thank You for all that you do, for me and for all the people. You really helped me so much, you have so much wisdom and love to give! Thank you for your wonderful Spirit. I  just wanted to call and say this.                                                                              – Lesley E., Raleigh N. C.

Dear Elizabeth, Just knowing you is an honor. You are a Master of Healing Love, and I am sure, everyone who comes in contact with you can feel it. Also, all I can say about your radio program: It is great! I am very grateful that I can be among your friends.                                                                        – H. B., Portland OR

I want again to give great thanks for all of your guidance and love. My life is truly becoming whole from the inside out. I am sending you much love and gratitude. Thanks for being you and all you do my friend.                                                                  – M L., Madison WI

You are very thoughtful, deep and insightful and your questions were excellent. I look forward to talking with you again. (Interviewed her twice on Earth-Harmony)

  – Barbara Hand Clow, Author, Vancouver Canada 

Elizabeth, I have recently listened to yr archives back to June – wow- I really feel so much better after I listen to yr wisdom & info re. the Mayan Calendar. The  explanations make so much sense &  I so resonate with the visions *I have held these dreams since early 70?s* & now to see the time I HAVE DREAMED OF ARRIVING* ITS EXCITING* – I ALWAYS FELT I WOULD DANCE ON THE GRAVE OF PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION** & rebuild the new world with sisters & brothers**in harmony with our wonder-filled mother earth* …Thank you for holding the dream, giving voice to Ancients wisdom & sharing the peaceful visions* Blessings,

– J. R. Santa Cruz CA

Elizabeth, you have a big heart and a kind voice, thank you for the illumination you shared with me!  I’ve been listening to all the ‘heavy-weights’ for years, but your show has really inspired me, it is so uplifting… it makes a HUGE difference, you make perfect sense.”… “Here you are, speaking this beautiful message of TRUTH”

                                                    – Rene, caller on Earth Harmony Radio

Elizabeth, You were so accurate! My health needed immediate, urgent attention. You are a life-saver to me!                   – Janet C. Vallejo CA

Dearest Elizabeth,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Your words of support and encouragement bring hope to my family. With Gratitude and Love,                                           –  Rene B., Forth Worth Texas  

Elizabeth, Thanks for spending time with M. and me last evening. Your insights are profound, and amazed both of us. Many things that you said were beyond any coincidence, and how specific you were about things in our lives almost seemed scary. ” … M. is a skeptical scientist, and was awestruck with what you had to say.  We both agreed that what you said was not random, or so vague and general to apply to almost anyone.  Nothing you said was inaccurate; you left us both scratching our heads wondering how you could have gotten so much insight from just two persons’ birthdays.  M. said that afterward she has a profound sense of peace and that it was “remarkably calming to hear Elizabeth’s assessment, it is resolution for me in a number of ways.                                                 – P. O., Denver CO

Elizabeth, I want to say “Thank you” and “God bless you” for coming to my aide during my time of need…I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated your support, prayers and non-judgmental advice; you are truly a god-sent in my eyes. I could not have survived this ordeal without you.                                  – L. T., Boise ID

Hi, Elizabeth: Just taking a moment to thank you for all the inspiration you give me. You are a truly wonderful person! I hope we meet soon!   Smiling,

                                        – Debbie V., Montreal Canada

Dearest Elizabeth, Your wisdom has helped me to find a new path. I cherish our times together.(via the phone). You’ve helped to pull me out of the lowest time in my life and because of that, I will always regard you as a sister.  Lovingly,  Susan                                                                                     – Susan W., Cleveland OH

I feel like you’re my angel. I have been going through such a hard time the last 4 months and until talking to you on October 26th, I didn’t think I was ever going to get through it. You made me open my eyes to so many things. So far some of the things you’ve predicted have come true. I found my male mentor at work who has been trying to help network different positions so I’m happier there. One of your predictions was to work in another department with all females and that is the first position that was mentioned to me by my boss…                   – Dina M. C.,  New York NY

Dear Elizabeth: I just wanted to let you know how much you helped my husband and I with our dilemma of selling our home. The Feng Shui remedies worked! We sold in three weeks! Just in time before we had to move to another State. There were many homes for sale in our upscale community, but most only sell after 6-10 months of being on the market. We are very grateful. We highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone needing help with residential or business Feng Shui.  Thanks and Best of Luck.

                              – Dawn and Richard S., Chicago Ill

I’ve known Elizabeth for over 10 years, and I found her to be honest and very accurate. Elizabeth’s advice is based on precise calculations of events and a keen sense of intuition. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all your help                              – Margaret K., Raleigh NC

Dear Elizabeth, It is timely that I write you about how accurate you were last year. You advised me to take a trip in the Fall, because it may bring me great benefits in my career and personal life. At that time I had no intention to travel anywhere, but in two weeks I was invited to a regional conference that truly changed the course of my life for the better! I met the man who not only offered me a great independent business opportunity, but we also fell in love. Your second reading about our relationship is also coming true: we are both very selective people, not into ‘dating’, but through this conference we found our true love. I can hardly express the gratitude I feel that you pointed me in the right direction at such an important time in my life.

– Cindy F., Madison WIS

Elizabeth, Thank you for the charts! It revealed the truth about patterns in our lives we could not see for ourselves! Larry was so skeptical. Now he is shocked how true it is: his current Luck is just changing for the better. I will take your remedies and use them every day. We are very pleased with the detail and accuracy of your work. Keep it up.  God Bless!

-Marjorie and Larry H., Crested Butte CO

Hi, Elizabeth, To pull the veil of darkness from everyone’s minds requires a special calling. To remind them, they are Light first – you are doing that. You are accomplishing your life  purpose.  Love,

                                  – Nova, Christ Church New Zealand 

Elizabeth is always very pleasant and genuine, she inspired me to trust in my own Intuition and believe in myself…  I would highly recommend her in assisting you with Life’s Challenges!     -Erlene F., Production Supervisor, Chicago, IL

 Elizabeth taught me that it is possible to keep a healthy balance in my demanding life: the better I know the inner workings of my own personality and the personalities of others around me, everything seems to fall into place.  I can strongly recommend her to those with hectic lives!                   -Whitney. P., Corporate Sales, Phoenix, AZ