We will take a closer look at the 2018 Lunar New Year and find out how the Dog and each other sign will fare under the influence of the Earth Dog.

The optimistic Fireruled  years of 2017-2018 are being replaced by the sober energies of Yang Earth in the year of the faithful Dog.  Fortunately, the first day -the 16th of February- is ruled by the gentle Earth Rabbit, offering balance by adding Yin Earth and Yin Wood to the mix, so our journey during this year is  protected. The highly spiritual undertones offered both by the Dog and Rabbit can help return trust and faith into the hearts of people, in spite of the difficult journey ahead.

2018 New Years Forecast of the Earth Dog

Compared to the last two years, we are entering the sobering effects of the Earth element. Not one, but a double dose of Yang Earth, at that. Why? Imagine going on an exciting adventure, you are full of enthusiasm, you know your path well, have made great progress thus far and are confident that your journey will be successful.

Suddenly you  find yourself at the foot of a giant mountain. You can only pass through if you first climb this mountain. Ready or not, you are facing the serious task of getting to the other side in order to progress with your journey. Your success will depend on how you will endure and climb this mountain.

Earth Dog

This is how I can best describe the current energies entering the New Year ruled by the Earth Dog.

For a more detailed summary of the impact of the Earth Dog on your life please contact Elizabeth

How will the Dog and all other signs fare in the 2018 Lunar New Year?

Yang Earth above Yang Earth in the pillars of the Dog this year will bring on a calming, meditative effect. The level-headed, down-to-earth energies of the Dog is doubled by the quiet, but powerful presence of Earth. This can bring most of us back to basics, back to the bottom line. What is most important to you in your life? Have you been busy chasing rainbows? Have you been wasting time on non-essentials? This year you will have the opportunity to go back and correct your mistakes, simplify or start anew.

The Dog year may positively affect those born with the sign of the Rabbit, Tiger and the Horse. They can expect better progress during 2018, especially if they use their ambition, drive and show off their talents and intelligence. Progress in career, family harmony, health or financial success may be in store.

The most unfavorably affected sign is the Dragon, as it is in direct opposition with the Dog.  Life changes in the area of work, relationships, moving house, etc. could be anticipated.

Earth DogIt is highly beneficial for the Dragon-born sign to relocate, travel or make other significant life changes this year.

Meanwhile, the Dog sign herself may experience more frustrations as well, sudden changes, or Health-related problems could arise as the Dog occupies a ‘self-penalty’ position in 2018.

2018 – The location of the ‘Grand Duke’ is in the North-West

The great planet Jupiter, called the ‘Grand Duke’, travels to a different location each year, and this year it will be visible towards the North-West. Traditionally, it is noted that we must not disturb the ‘Grand Duke’, so doing deep digging-type construction or traveling towards the West direction may bring complications.

‘Flower of Romance Star’: This year those born with the sign of the Boar and the Snake will be the lucky recipients of the beneficial influence of the ‘Flower of Romance’ star. Marriage, engagements or possible new Romance is indicated.

‘Traveling Horse Star’: In 2018 the Monkey and the Rooster are going to experience more than average travel opportunities, because the ‘Traveling Horse’ will land on their part of the chart. This could also include a major relocation.

The ‘Nobleman’ Star is always a very supportive energy, and this year it will help those born in the signs of the Rat and the Ox. This means that a fortunate opportunity could develop for them: i. e. lucky meeting with a helpful mentor, boss, teacher etc…

NOTE: Like every year, I must remind you once again that every single personal chart is very complex, and while there may be some clashing or lucky aspects reflected in your individual charts, respectively, it is best to consult with a competent Ba Zi practitioner to get an accurate view of your individual outlook for the Lunar New Year.

New Year ForecastRAT – The Rat native may find that the Earth Dog brings him more opportunities than he bargained for. This is a good year to take stock and plan for future success. This year is also great for clearing up legal matters and misunderstandings with past relationships. The Dog year offers many adventures, such as finding a new social circle or new teachers and educational opportunities, especially related to the Arts. Caution is advised not to get into risky sports and use prevention to avoid chronic Health problems.

New Year ForecastOX – The Ox native is generally blessed with great patience and perseverance. This year the ‘Heavenly Noble’ Star brings opportunities to those who are willing to step out and implement their creative ideas.  The Ox-born sign can acquire new skills and find lucrative financial investment opportunities as well.  In the Earth Dog year  the innovative Ox can find resolutions to past nagging problems and start on a clean new path. Be careful not to overdo it with multiple projects, so as to keep stress at a manageable level.

new Year ForecastTIGER –This is an interesting year for the Tiger native. 2018 may be a good year to consolidate her resources and keep a low profile. On the social front Tiger-signs can build long lasting trusting relationships. However, for some Tiger-born signs this could be a year of problem-solving and sidestepping possible unexpected dramas.  It is advisable to increase her compassion, meditate or practice yoga to achieve a calm mind. Long-term health issues can be resolved in 2018.

New Year ForecastRABBIT– Since the Rabbit-born sign combines with this year’s energies, there are many fortunate opportunities available to him. It is important that he actively follow up and implement his ideas in order to activate his lucky stars. Great career advancement, recognition and new helpful social contacts could bring lasting success in 2018. Watch out to prevent Health issues resulting from over exhaustion. New love relationship possibilities also abound but if already in a relationships they must use caution and not invite jealousy from their partners.

New Year ForecastDRAGON –Changes, changes, changes in store for the Dragon native. The Dragon and Dog don’t always see eye-to-eye, so the Dragon native may feel overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities this year. On the financial front, 2018 would be a good year to consider more practical investments and remain frugal. Major challenges can be resolved if they stay resolute and compassionate. Those who are looking for a love partnership could get lucky this year. Watch out for any acute Health issues and be extra cautious to avoid accidents.

New Year ForecastSNAKE –The Snake native is one of the signs that can expect solutions to most of his problems this time around. This can include legal problems, health issues or other setbacks from previous years.  For creative businesses, artists or for other innovative endeavors, the Earth Dog year can end up being very rewarding. With the help of the ‘Flower of Romance’ Star, she can find lasting happiness in 2018. Harmonious family relations and beneficial social contacts are also indicated. Increased traveling opportunities abound in 2018.

New Year ForecastHORSE – This year the Horse finds himself to be the center of attention. Suddenly, she will be needed for leadership responsibilities, a new job and/or sought out by friends and social contacts as the go-to person problem solver. This can bring her much popularity and even fame. This can also lead to increased financial resources or acquire more real estate. Caution is advised, so all this popularity will not create envy or jealousy in others. Health issues or injuries may arise from over exhaustion, so try to take as many breaks as possible.

 New Year ForecastSHEEP – The year of the Earth Dog is an auspicious year for those with the Sheep in their chart. Increase in finances, or assets value is indicated. Great opportunities are available to him to find valuable social contacts that can lead to fortunate long-term changes in his life. The blessings of the fortunate stars can be activated by being more spiritual and proactive this year. By being compassionate and charitable with those less fortunate will increase his good fortune in the year of the Earth Dog.

New Year ForecastMONKEY – In this new year the Monkey native is offered many opportunities to increase his business or expand, maybe even internationally, as well as locally. The sign of the Monkey is a quick study in general anyway, but this year she may be able to pick up new skills needed for future growth. Health issues may be the result of overwork, so keep ahead of any possible problems. Many Monkey-born sign could find new romance or make improvement within their existing partnerships and family relations in 2018.

New Year ForecastROOSTER – After last year’s lime light, the Rooster may feel a bit left out of all the fun and games this year. However, this would be a good time to take stock and count all the gains or losses and plan for future success. This would be a good year to pursue a new career path and remain steadfast. After some initial setbacks, long-term success is possible. It is best not to rely too much on other people, and keep a low profile.  Romance stays on the back burner at this time.

New Year ForecastDOG – Although the Dog native is in a self-penalty year, there will be many ways for her to find solutions to complex problems and come out as a winner. A great career year ahead, with opportunities offered by helpful associates or social contacts. This year the Dog may get recognition for her artistic and creative projects. It is an action-packed year, so be sure to get situated to end up being at the right place at the right time. Conservative investments and higher education pays off well, especially in future years.

New Year ForecastBOAR – This year the Boar finds herself to be more popular than in past years. Suddenly, she will find the perfect job or career, make new social contacts or meet the mentor who will help her advance on her career path. In 2018 there are many great opportunities available for the Boar native to find the right romantic partner or increase happiness in an existing relationship. Long-term benefits come from being selfless and helpful with those who ask for her aid. This is truly the year for the Boar-native to shine.

NOTE: As all the animal signs can appear in all Four Pillars in a person’s birth data, the clash and penalty relationship with the Earth Dog will not only cause impact on people born in the year of the Dragon and the Dog respectively. It may also impact anyone who has such signs in the Month, Day or Hour pillars of their birth charts.

The above is just a general outline. For a more reliable and accurate personal analysis for the New Lunar Year please consult Elizabeth with your specific questions.

Earth Dog

Happy Lunar New Year 2018!

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