The “dawning” of the Aquarian Age is not going to happen, because it is already here. Yes, friends, the Aquarian Age has been with us for millennia. We can safely say that the Aquarian Constellation has been influencing Earthly life shortly after the Piscean Age started, or since three thousand years ago. The powerful influence of Aquarius has increased in the past 2-3 centuries and is here to stay.

Based on the deep research of advanced Astrologers*, the Aquarian Constellation is quite unique and it is already here! In general, the Zodiac houses do not follow nicely in a row, like we see them on so many contemporary illustrations. Some, like Virgo, is quite large, others are smaller, or have gaps between them. The House of Aquarius has a 2-dimensional quality: like a flat wavy cloud filled with air, this Constellation simply bleeds into its neighbor’s Houses.


The wave-like quality of Aquarius – an Air sign

What is the number one proof we are living under the influence of the Aquarian Age?


Contrary to popular belief, Christ is an Aquarian character, not of the Piscean Age

If we look deeper, we find that the teachings, actual birth and resurrection of Christ aligns well with Aquarian ideology, and not so much with Piscean concepts. The altruistic character and teachings of Buddha one thousand years prior to the Birth of Christ is the real landmark of the Piscean Age. Actually, early Christianity that still carried the higher Aquarian and Piscean ideals was practiced all over Central Asia and Central Europe hundreds of years prior to the ‘official’ timing of the birth of Christ. The fake timeline used now was created by Emperor Constantine.

Christ was born of a Virgin, we are told. His teachings express the ideas of individual freedom,  to love and be mindful of our fellow humans and respect all life forms. These ideas do not match with the hierarchical religious systems and dogmas of the Piscean Age. The phenomenon of the Birth, crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of the Christ figure is ample proof that we are witnessing a parallel influence beaming down from the Aquarian Constellation for almost three thousand years!

The Aquarian Age does not operate on a time-line – it is timeless

According to mainstream historical data, based on the fabricated Gregorian Calendar, the Age of Pisces extends from about 200 B.C.  In reality, it reaches back another thousand years. Interestingly, the Aquarian Age does not operate on a time span, it is timeless. Its two-dimensional filmy layer is like an invisible radio, gamma wave or microwave radiation.


The Water Bearer – reaching into the House of Pisces and Capricorn

The Constellation  of the Water Bearer covers a vast area; it overlaps not only into the Piscean Constellation of the Fish, but also into the fixed Constellation of Capricorn as a second dimensional veil floating in and out of space-time. As well illustrated in an early painting, the Water Bearer holds the string of one of the Fish and a stick in the House of Capricorn, symbolizing the act of bridging the two Constellations. Meanwhile, he is pouring Water (Pisces) from a clay (Earth) vessel (Capricorn), again, symbolic of bridging the two qualities and preparing the transition from Water to Earth.


The Age of Pisces is related to Water and the subconscious mind

In the Piscean Age the “dark side” of the Human Mind is activated. Fear has been humanity’s primary motivation for over three thousand years. The emphasis in the Piscean Age is on blind faith, trust in the unknown, the other world, wherever that may be.  The two fish of Pisces indicate dualism and during this time, conflict between Religion and Science intensifies, as Science opposes  blind Faith. However, as of late, thanks to the heavy influence from the Aquarian Paradox, Science simply turned into a form of religion itself.


Five major religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism came to dominate during this Age

as they were most successful at using massive fear-based mind control. It resulted in our world mired in perpetual wars since the beginning of this Age. The onset of the Piscean Age about 3000 yrs. B.C. ended many great civilizations that thrived for thousands of years prior. Examples are the Mayan and Inca civilizations on the American continents; Ancient Egyptians and Hittites on the African continent and the great Scythian cultures that populated the vast areas of Eurasia.

The higher aspects of Aquarius promises to bring out our independent spirit

and create Universal Humanism. What does this big word Universal Humanism mean? It postulates that no dogma or political doctrine can save you; only you can save yourself. However, the opposite is true. While Universal Humanism should be the hallmark of the Aquarian Age, it is becoming the Age of the Ideologue. This Universal Humanism idea is really about being an integral, useful part of an efficient hive, as in a hive of bees, or a hive of ants. The ‘independent spirit’ thing sounds like a great idea, too, but most humans today exercise little of it. This is a big subject, so maybe I can elaborate on it in my next blog.

This Brave New Age is about the faceless every-man who is expected to be an efficient member of the hive


Since the last century several sovereign nations fell prey to oppressive dictatorships of the hive systems of communism. Many generations since the 1900’s grew up with deep-rooted communist dogmas implanted into their psyche. The youth of the most current generations, especially those born since the 1990-s, are being effectively indoctrinated into this hive mind world. This is being done, of course, without anyone having a clue about what is happening to them.

The hive-based communist systems gave rise to generations of mindless, robotic bureaucrats and technocrats, who are only faithful to the system, to their hive. Individual human life means nothing. The one versus the many: the needs of the masses override the needs of the One, or so they preach. In reality, no one really wins, except for the Queen or the very top layer of the hive reaps all the benefits.


The New Aquarian World Order is getting traction with incredible speed all over the world

For example, if in China the communist think tanks decide one day to empty out villages of millions of farmers, forcing them to move into crowded cities that were not ready to absorb them, it is done with great speed and massive human sacrifice. Once they settle and are living in incredibly inhuman condition, the technocrats change course again, and decide to mobilize them out, demolish their buildings to fit the greater plan of the Big Agenda. This is the madness of the hive-based New World Order coming to a neighborhood near you.

aquarianThe Queen Bee with workers    

It does not occur to anyone how dangerous and destructive these centralized communist hive Agendas are for the survival of humanity and for all life on Earth. Communism already has been proven to be a failure. The atrocities committed about a century ago by Queen Bee dictators, such as Mao and Stalin was just a test run, I am afraid. Totalitarianism, like a cancer, is about to take root all over our beautiful Earth.

We are knee-deep in the Aquarian Age and it is getting deeper. Need more proof?

How about the millions of humans glued to their two-dimensional flat screen smart phones, tablets, computers and tell-a-visions all day or night? The arrival of the computer revolution was proof positive of the Aquarian Age. The invisible wave radiation of electronics, cell towers, and wi-fi is beaming down on all life forms 24-7.


Or how about the latest deadly energy weapons, capable of killing just one or millions in a nanosecond? Add to the list Extremely Low Frequency radiation, scalar radiation, radar, HAARP and DEW, Directed Energy Weapons, the list goes on. These weapons are now used daily on civilian populations world wide. They are destroying the ionosphere, interfering with the Sun’s radiation and altering the weather above the entire Earth plane. Next on the list:  deadly rays emanating from the latest new 5G technology, promising to turn us into sick, mindless zombies. Yes, the timeless, shapeless Aquarian Age is here to stay, creating massive destruction in our waters, on Earth and in the skies.


Should I go on?  All life forms are being poisoned with nuclear radiation, genetically modified foods and forced vaccinations. Geo-engineered weather warfare is waged worldwide, creating massive flooding or droughts, all leading to food shortages, lost lives, and causing massive devastation.

Entire cities, counties or states are being displaced and destroyed to make room for the Brave New Aquarian World. All this is done according to carefully detailed multiple Agendas created by the unelected technocrats of the United Nations (the top hive organization). Our youth is no longer connected to the physical reality of Mother Nature. They admire beautiful Nature pictures online or on their Instagram feeds. Many grow up without having any intimate knowledge of the animal and plant kingdoms, or able to visit old-growth forests, rivers, lakes or the ocean.


The overlords of the Aquarian World Hive will make sure that not one person will disobey their dictum

In fact the mind control is already working so perfectly well, that we can observe masses of people dressing, talking, walking, working in a uniform manner. There are unspoken rules for the members of the hive to follow, and if anyone is out of step, other members of the hive will be quick to disclose it, and they get rejected.

This is the Age where being rejected by the hive means instant suicide. The hive dictatorship will know everything about every member, having access to the member’s most intimate daily life activities. Everyone’s money and all their worldly possessions will be listed on the block-chain of massive quantum computers, and can be disconnected from it in an instant if they are deemed ‘unworthy’.


Meanwhile, the Piscean Age of duality, deception and religious fanaticism is still in full swing for over 3000 years.  More precisely, this fanaticism is being used by the Aquarian Agendas in a bizarre twist, turning masses of disenfranchised youth into fanatic religious zealots, and then turning them into killers, all in the name of religion.

What happened to the Piscean ideas of Unconditional Love, Peace and Harmony?

Are the great Aquarian ideas of Oneness and individual freedom, the love and respect for all life lost?

It is true, that hundreds of thousands of healers, teachers are living among us, helping to increase the consciousness of Humanity and our Earth. Many often sacrifice their own personal happiness, livelihood, family connections to remain true to their purpose and spread the message of Unconditional Love.

The wonderful ideas of Love, Peace, Harmony and Oneness are buried under the destructive waves of the Aquarian influence. Much of Humanity is stuck in the twilight zone and many end up losing their ability to uphold the precious ideals to faith, love and freedom. We are forced to choose: join the hive and resign our souls to become a mindless transhuman; or if we want to remain sovereign and free, we must be prepared to become a virtual fugitive for the rest of our lives.


To remain faithful to one’s authentic self, and stay in truth is becoming harder during the Aquarian Age

The hive is not interested in the truth; it is only interested in ideologies.

They are far removed from Reality. The Aquarian New World is a 2-dimensional timeless world, remember? It is only capable to offer two-dimensional paper or computer (binary- 0-1) ideas to the masses. The masses are mindless, so they follow one ideology or another. This world has become the kingdom of the mighty AI, or Artificial Intelligence, in total control of the masses until the very end of this Age.


The job of the Water Bearer is to bridge the Piscean Fish with the next Age ruled by Capricorn

Bridging these opposing energy constructs is a complex process. Without the Water Bearer’s parallel influence we would not be able to progress into the next Age. Landing with both feet firmly on the rocky grounds of the house of Capricorn may be something we can look forward to after all the crazy Twilight Zone and roller coaster rides we are enduring.

aquarianThe promise of the true Aquarian Human is the ability to rise above

It appears from the above that we ended up getting the worst of both Ages during this cycle on Earth. The top layer of this Age is built on lies – no deep truth is available. Those who succeed in this world are willing to be liars. To remain a loving, respectful human, refusing to compromise about the real truth is indeed the greatest challenge of this Age. However, it is not impossible to remain authentic, truthful, to keep our Humanity against all odds. The promise of the true Aquarian Human is to have the ability to rise above. I challenge you to be that Human!

As a disclaimer, I must say that I am not an expert Astrologer or Astronomer, just a researcher. While researching this topic I keep on finding a lot of proof that the ‘dawning’ of the Aquarian Age is not going to happen, because it is already here.  

This is Part One of a series of blogs on this topic. Please check in again for Part Two. I look forward to hearing from you, so feel free to share your ideas, opinions, examples to prove or disprove the above ideas on this controversial subject.

Article copyright: This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It is permitted to republish it anywhere as long as proper link back to this article is provided and all links remain intact.

*Acknowledgment: My gratitude goes to Pap Gabor, a great Scholar and Historian. This article was inspired by his many detailed lectures on this topic.

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