In this article we will focus on the Metal Element. The Five Feng Shui Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal form a Constructive or Destructive cycle between Heaven and Earth.

Metal element  Productive Cycle  Metal element

  Destructive Cycle

In Feng Shui as in our cosmic environment everything strives for perfect balance. The constant movement of Ch’i energy between the ‘Heavens’ through the Earth plane activates the transforming energies of the 5 Elements. In our everyday lives we can recreate this cycle in order to maintain balance and harmony. Using the simple application of Feng Shui principles and cures of Ch’i energy we all can bring balance to our personal and work environments.

1.  Ch’i first transforms into Water as it falls from the Heavens

Metal element

Chien or ‘Heaven’ of the I Ching

When the transformed Ch’i meets with Earth, it undergoes another transformation and  begins to nourish plant life.

 2. The next manifestation of the Ch’i energy is into Wood (plants)

3. From this incarnation, Ch’i transforms again into Fire as Wood feeds it with powerful energy.

4. From Fire, Ch’i transforms into Earth (ashes).

5. During the final stage of transformation Ch’i recreates itself into Metal.

The cycle keeps on repeating itself with Metal drawing Water from the Heavens.

Metal Element

As the last of the Five Elements, Metal represents contracting, inward movement. The most dense element, it can hold the temperatures of hot or cold, making it very useful and rare. The precious gifts of the Earth, such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, etc. are metals that enrich our lives.

Metal element

Wind chimes can bring harmony to our Woods-dominant outdoors

Metal helps us focus: it brings strength and clarity into our lives

To concentrate best on a project, it is helpful to add a Metal object to our surroundings. This is not too hard to do, as in today’s world we are surrounded by high-tech gadgets. But we can also incorporate metal light fixtures, sculptures or bed frames to help provide better balance in our environment.

Metal element

Metal’s dense structure allows for it to be used in building fences, bars and braces which constrict freedom of movement or create discipline and order.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Metal rules the colon and the lungs

Balancing our living environments with Metal, especially the bedroom may help keep these organs in good check. Metal represents the emotions: grief and uncertainty.

Metal-dominant people have great discipline; some possess great vocal strength, fluid with their language and a great sense of humor. Some of the most impressive characteristics of the Metal Element in a personal chart are:

  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Endurance
  • Resistance
  • Righteous
  • Humor
  • Determination
  • Tirelessness
  • Courage
  • Management skills

It can also represent:

  • Hesitation
  • Uncertainty
  • Stoic
  • Opinionated
  • Rigidity
  • Difficulty accepting change

The challenge of Metal-dominant Self element people is to transmute grief into confidence and acceptance

This will allow them to express their feelings to regain a better chance for emotional healing.

Metal element

Metal-dominant people are usually more thin, due to the constricting effects of Metal and their great Self-discipline (also a Metal-ruled quality).

Typical Metal-dominant Self: Clint Eastwood

When balanced, Metal can make us feel safe, protected and well organized, using laughter to heal

When not in balance, excessive Metal can lead to fanaticism, inflexible and opinionated personality traits.

metal element

If too weak, adding Earth is helpful…

Metal element

If too strong – it can melt away its excess into Water…

On the Flying Stars Magic Square Metal’s primary direction is West

metal element

The Flying Stars Magic Square

Metal’s Season is Autumn, time of harvest, abundance and strength

The yang color of the Metal element is primarily white, while the beautiful colors of gold, silver, and bronze express its yin qualities. Horizontal, short, straight lines are associated with Metal. Astrologically, Leo (August) and Virgo (September) are linked to Metal signs.

When Metal is balanced we find laughter and ease.

As a Feng Shui cure Metal may include: Metal

  • Wind Chimes
  • Mirrors
  • Horizontal, arched shapes
  • colors of white, silver, bronze, copper, gold
  • decor of metallic, reflective glass,
  • images of automobiles, machinery
  • gold, silver, diamond, pearl jewelry
  • coins, images of treasures
  • high tech gadgets

Metal Element

The ever-changing cycles of the basic five elements make up all life on Earth

Feng Shui cures help bring balance and protect from the influence of harmful stars. Please do not use Feng Shui cures without proper consultation. If used incorrectly – like wrong medicine- cures can harm more than help. Feng Shui cures should not be based on superstitious beliefs and fears.

***NOTE: Elizabeth does not claim to be an authority on the definition of the vast heritage of ancient Wisdom called Feng Shui.

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