The Fire element is symbolic of transformation. It brings vitality, joy, dynamic action and passion into any environment.

The Fire element is the element of heat and light

It can ignite quickly, and become uncontrollable but it can also be extinguished fast. Fire is cleansing, a great element of transformation and change. It is associated with inspiration, creative force and Spirit.

Fire element

Direction for Fire is the South, the Season: summer. It is symbolized by the 9 Purple Fire Star of the Flying Stars Magic Square.

 The Fire element in the summer season is Yang in nature and can be overwhelming. Astrologically, it is closest to Taurus (April/May) and Gemini (May/June). In the body, it rules the head, the heart and the solar plexus. When balanced, Fire is associated with forgiveness and enthusiasm.

fire element

The Fire element as a Feng Shui cure may include:

  • Candles
  • Fireplace
  • Lamps, heaters
  • Electronic equipment, i.e: stereo, TV, computer
  • Colors of reds, orange, purple, pink
  • red plants: poppy, red clover, red pepper, hibiscus, begonia…
  • herbs: ginseng, gingko biloba, lotus seed…
  • triangular or spiky shapes
  • red ruby, red agate gemstones

Too much of  the Fire element in the summer needs balancing

Fire in abundance may spark impulsive behavior, even aggression or  violence. It can be balanced by adding the Earth element to calm its effects. In the cold winter Fire is a welcoming balancing element, used as candles, lights or fireplaces to bring warmth and light into the environment and into our hearts. When Fire is low or missing, it can reflect coldness, darkness or even fear.

fire element The Fire element is proof positive of being alive

The Fire element is an important component to all living organisms, but especially animals and humans. If your personal chart is low in or lacking the Fire element or its Grantor element, Wood, you can balance it in many ways:

  1. Your daily occupation or career choice
  2.  Choice of relationship partners
  3.  Surrounding yourself with friends abundant in those warmer elements
  4. Adoption or working with animals, pets
  5.  much more….

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