Why do we stay in bad relationship? Is it because we believe that the alternative is to be alone and lonely for the rest of our lives?

“It is hard to meet someone new”

Most people tend to forget how effortless it was to meet their current partner. They created an unrealistic attachment to this person, not allowing themselves to move forward with their lives. Why is it so hard to imagine that after some reasonable time without the current partner we can find romantic love again?

“Being alone is worse than staying in a bad relationship”

Fear of change is so overwhelming for a lot of people,  that they would rather choose to deal with the unhappiness in their current relationship than to look bravely into the future. Can you take your self back to a time when you were hopeful and confident? If you can do that, you can manifest a happy new relationship again.

bad relationships

“The current relationship damaged my self-esteem”

It is very true that a healthy self-esteem is crucial whether we are in a relationship or not. In an unhealthy relationship our already low self-esteem can get even more deeply damaged. It could prevent us from seeking the attention of a new partner. Alternatively, we may jump into the next available bad relationship to avoid being alone.

The vicious cycle of bad relationships

At this point we may end up creating a vicious cycle, entering from one bad relationships into another, each time damaging your self-esteem. It is important to break this cycle and rebuild your confidence and self-esteem to a healthy level before we enter another relationship. This will ensure that the new partner you attract will also be at a higher vibration level, bringing in the possibility of a healthy partnership.

bad relationshipsAll relationships go through bad phases

How can we tell if the relationship we are in is going through a tough phase or it is doomed for good? If we have a healthy self-esteem, yet we find that after all our efforts have been exhausted and we are still unhappy on a daily basis, chances are that the relationship may not be fixed.  Even after you tried all the healthy tools to improve your relationship, it is possible the problem is not with you. Being unhappy for weeks and months even after working hard to save a relationship may mean it is time to quit trying.

The problem may not be with you or even with your partner

What if the problem is not with either of you? Bad relationships happen more often than we expect. There is no need to panic. It may be that you are simply not compatible on one or multiple levels as people. One of the major tools in my coaching toolbox is the Four Pillars system. It can be used effectively to determine the levels and details of any relationships right at the start. This may save you months or years of pain and heartache.

bad relationships

Good relationships don’t just happen

If you know deep down, that you are with the right partner, it may just be that temporarily the relationship reached a reef. With some patience and applied effort from both partners it is possible to work through the hard times and build upon the good elements of the relationship. Two people who truly want to be together and their union is based on solid love will find solutions along the way to make it work.

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bad relationships

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