What are lucky numbers in Feng Shui? Most of all, should ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ Feng Shui numbers be taken seriously? It depends on your point of view. As with so many personal beliefs we are living by, this subject can be debated to no end. The truth is that the ‘magic’ of numbers become animated by the person who attributes some kind of ‘power’ to them.

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The energetic input of lucky numbers is everywhere

The significance of numbers is based on the study of numerology. Most ancient cultures contributed similar meanings to numbers. An observable pattern developed making their meaning widely accepted.

We attribute a certain power to numbers by believing in their energetic input in our lives. There is nothing wrong with that as long as we are not taking it to the extreme and become superstitious.

lucky numbers

Lucky numbers in Feng Shui

These days Feng Shui numbers are often taken seriously during the selection of a home address. To find out the meaning of your home address with multiple numbers, just add all the numbers in the address together until you arrive at a single digit. For example: house number 5018 can be reduced to number 5.  5+1+8 = 14;  1+4 = 5.    House number 4278 can be reduced to number 3.   4+2+7+8 = 21; 2+1 = 3.

The numerological energy of your home address can help you understand your own current stage of development and growth. By giving your attention to the meaning of numbers such as your home number may help you make life changing decisions. At the very least it can offer guidance to take the first steps in the right direction.

Blind superstition can bring the opposite results, and may harm more than help. As with everything in life, please use practical discernment and common sense when approaching this subject.

What are the meaning of Feng Shui numbers?

lucky numbersNew Beginnings, Oneness, Flow of energy

One is symbolic of our intentions and it is the number associated with fast developments. It can mean the start of a new project or adventure. One offers new opportunities and the promise of much happiness.

lucky numbersBalance, choice, duality, partnership, cooperation between 2 things or beings

Two represents all things dualistic. It can also bring us to face an important decision or make a choice. It is encouraging us to commit to that decision or choice and accept the results.

lucky numbersTrinity, Family, Creative self expression

The trinity of time : past, present and future. This number reminds us to look at our past as well as our present in order to step on the right path leading to the future. Three connects us to time so we can reflect on lessons learned.

lucky numbersSecurity, stability, Foundation, Grounding

Four is symbolic of the four corners of a square, suggesting stability within space and time. On the flip side, it may indicate that we are locked in, needing to break free. In this Reality there are four directions, four seasons, four worlds (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual). Four may also suggest that it is time to settle down.

lucky numbersAdventure, Activity, Change, Restlessness and Resourcefulness

Five is a restless number associated with movement. It can signal travel or change of all sort. We may feel like being in the center of a storm or some drama. If the energy of Five is too overwhelming, the practice of meditation, yoga or T’ai chi could bring balance.

lucky numbersSolid Foundation, Stability, Calmness, Meditation, Patience

This number represents a powerful mentor. It can bring a potential patronage, leadership, the start of a business enterprise or a family. Six offers stability, respect and responsibility. Therefore it is one of the lucky numbers.

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Mental focus, Self-Evaluation, Retreat

Seven is often considered a lucky number as well. This number offers the potential for us to develop more wisdom. We are inspired to use our intellect and focus on 0our goals. By doing so, success is assured.

lucky numbersAbundance, Infinity, Wealth, Business Success

Eight is associated with wealth and abundance. Symbolizing infinity, this number suggests that the cycle of good luck will be repeating itself. This is why it is considered the luckiest number.

lucky numbersAccomplishment, Endings, Attainment, Completion

This number encourages us to reach the finish line, to complete what we started. Nine is also the number that can inspire us to get involved in charity work or to make a meaningful difference in the world. This makes nine one of the lucky numbers.

lucky numbers

The study of lucky numbers may lead to a better understanding of our life path

If we pay attention to the energy of numbers they start to open a door to help us understand our own growth and current place on our path. In Feng Shui, the energy of numbers were often misinterpreted as superstitious beliefs got mixed into the original ancient interpretations.

For example, number 4 was considered unlucky because it sounded like the word for death in Chinese. However, in the Universal interpretation the number Four, unless misused, is not unlucky at all.

Understanding the minor details and specific energy patterns of the different house numbers or how the location of various rooms in your home and office can affect your life is an art that requires Intuitive skills and time-tested practice. Remember, numbers should not rule our lives, we are always in charge.

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