There is a rapid awakening emerging in our collective as we are traveling through a new intense time-space cycle, bringing in a greater universal alignment. This process creates a closer harmonizing effect with our Moon and the Sun.

Massive changes are occurring bringing rapid awakening in all of us

With the recent eclipses and intensification of solar plasma emissions, massive changes are occurring within us and around us. The Sun affects our climate, our entire being and all life through its life-giving radiation.


Radiation from the Sun ionizes part of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. This forms a conductive plasma layer, the ionosphere, the lowest level of the electromagnetic field of Earth.

This field within the ionosphere creates an interface connecting to our brain, just like being connected to a live computer. We are all integral parts of a live organic “cosmic Internet” that processes the collective thought forms of Humanity.


These awakenings also result in faster healing based on unconditional love

What is most significant at this time is that we are going through such a massive awakening, that there is rapid healing happening, reaching into the deepest layers of unconditional love. In turn this love layer facilitates for us the possibility to accept truth in its most naked, ugly form.

We are not isolated egos hooked up to an electronic nervous system, but individual thinking cells of a vast Earthly organism.     – Jose Arguelles

Truth comes to us at the most unexpected moments. Truth can hurt us emotionally, physically and psychologically. Without accepting truth in its raw form there is no awakening or ‘apoc-a-lypsis’.

Mass awakening leads to ‘Apocalypse’ or to ‘revealing’ of truth

Apocalypse simply means “to uncover” – “to reveal”. The painful uncovering of deep truth about every aspect of life is what this earthly journey is really all about. If this awakening is too painful, it just means that the sleep – or the illusion – was also too deep.  Each one of us has layers and layers of illusions to work through. The pace and the level of wakefulness are also very different for each individual being. The most important issue here is that we do not stay in the illusion.


Staying in the trance of illusion is dangerous,

because it makes us miss the opportunity to reach our potential; we miss out on fulfilling our purpose in this life time.

‘So what if we miss out’ – you can rightly argue. If we accept that our soul is eternal, and we can repeat a lifetime again and again, then this is really not a big deal. However, how can we be sure whether we get a chance again to re-enter this realm and work through its difficult curriculum called life. I for one would think hard about returning and repeat this same exact journey. So we might as well get it right while we have the opportunity in this life.

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