Water is the source of all life on Earth. Although shapeless, it takes up the form of its container. It needs to be contained, or it will be uncontrollable.
It is cooling in the summer heat, but it can be chilling in winter. With the help of water we can go deep and reflect on our emotions. Too much water in winter is Yin in nature and needs balancing.

Water is a cleanser, healer and a soothing element

Direction for Water is the North, the Season: winter. It is symbolized by the 1 Blue Water Star of the Flying Stars Magic Square.

WaterThe Flying Stars Magic Square


This element’s dominant colors are black, navy, and blue hues. Shapes of round, irregular or wavy patterns can be associated with Water.

With over 80% of the Earth covered in water, its conductivity makes for a giant electric accumulator. It is responsible for giving birth to life over eons ago and continues to do so today in many forms, solid, liquid and vapor.

Water is the element for communication, travel and transportation


Some of the most impressive characteristics of this element are:

  • Creativity
  • Persuasion
  • Sensitivity
  • Reflection
  • Effectiveness
  • Hard work
  • Vitality
  • Adventure

But it can also represent:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Vacillation
  • Uncertainty
  • Fear of participation
  • Cruelty

Yin Water is the yielding feminine principal or the traditional female character

It is a desirable quality in social situations, work environments and it was/is  an expected quality of women in most parts of the world. The Yin aspect of this element gently nourishes but can also slowly destroy through the action of seepage. The Yang aspect can express enormous  power that is best to be harnessed or it can be destructive.

Water-dominant people are easy-going, often with round features and body types and can have a highly attractive demeanor.

waterIn Chinese Traditional Medicine Water rules the kidneys, and the reproductive organs. Astrologically, Scorpio (November), Sagittarius (November/December) and Capricorn (December) could be likened to the corresponding Water-sign.


The lotus-stream of the Buddha is said to be rising up from the waters of the soul, in the same way the spirit, illumined by knowledge, can free itself from passive existence.


When balanced, Water allows us to relax and enjoy ourselves.

When not in balance, the emotion of fear is carried to an extreme, blocking us from participating in the flow of life.

waterIf too weak – adding Metal is helpful…

waterIf too strong – Wood soaks up all the excess.

The Art of Feng Shui is the Art of Balance. Find out how the five elements affect your personality and the personalities of your loved ones.


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