The most common motives of your garden variety psychopath include mostly fear and abandonment, manipulation and power games.

1.  Fear of abandonment

Human beings need to be accepted and loved by others, especially by their closest family members. The fear of abandonment ensues when such basic needs as parental love and care is absent in a person’s life. The persistent abuse, lack of love and care can lead to a high degree of fear that becomes destructive. Ironically, the psychopath is not consciously aware of how destructive his or her behavior is.

2.  Persistent fear

Deep levels of primal fear are clearly exhibited by the psychopath, yet he or she is not aware of it or does not want to acknowledge it. This primal fear motivates every action, every thought and behavior of the psychopath.

3.  Permanent survival mode

All of us are living in some form of survival mode from time to time, following unconscious or conscious inner commands. The persistent manipulation and deceptive behavior towards others serve to justify the psychopath for his or her survival.

4.  Lack of human emotions

Exploiting others is possible if one feels no remorse, guilt or shame for his or her actions. The psychopath developed great skills to abuse and use others, because he or she feels no attachment or feelings towards his or her fellow humans.

5.  Power over others

The psychopath is especially crafty with power games of all sorts over others, and it is one his or her best survival mechanisms against the threat of ever being abandoned.

6.  Avoiding being vulnerable

The psychopath’s greatest fear is being humiliated and abandoned. This is the reason why he or she developed skills to disconnect from all types of human emotions that may expose his or her vulnerability.

7.  Lack of conscience

If asked, psychopaths will say that they feel just fine, they do not feel anything is odd or there is a possible disorder.  Since no conscience is detected in psychopaths there is no known cure for this destructive psychological condition.


8.  The vicious cycle: the psychopath virus

The Psychopath needs more and more people to be like him. As he conquers a lot of vulnerable people, eventually he is seeking more challenge. He deliberately creates psychopaths. He abuses innocent children, tortures them to such a degree as to ensure that they are also infected with the psychopath virus. They in turn produce more psychopaths as adults themselves.

Can you name 10 well-known famous contemporary politicians or celebrities displaying psychopathic behavior? Can you recognize a psychopath in your circle of family and friends?

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