To be an ‘expert’ Astrologer is becoming a fashionable trend lately and Astrology is drawing much more admiration now than in any previous decades.

Have you ever wondered who or what those entities playing the leading roles in Astrology really are? There is a massive influence above our realm called the Zodiac, so named as it is a ring inhabited by beings hiding behind animal symbols. Yet somehow within this Zodiac matrix we are the playthings of these titans, or as the Greeks called them: gods. These ‘gods’ maybe having a time of their  ‘eternal lives’ ruling over us, mere mortals here below.


Real images of well-known wondering Luminaries

For all we know -which is almost nothing- they might have high-jacked a ride on the beautiful wondering Luminaries currently called Mars, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and others. Of course, this must have happened eons ago, yet their power of influence never seems to diminish. What’s more, they appear to be in charge and running the show of life itself here on the stage, called Earth. These entities demand not only the worship and respect of Humans but their powers extend to all living creatures, including that of the Earth herself.

Are Astrologers aware of who these rulers of the skies truly are?

Even though we really do not have a clue who and what these entities really are, and most importantly, we do not know the REAL motive behind their influence, yet millions are in awe and serious worship of these “demigods”, as I call them. I honestly do not think that Astrologers take the time to concern themselves much with this important question.

Our belief, study and constant preoccupation with Astrology greatly increases their influence, feeding them to be even more powerful, which in turn amplifies their control over our lives that could bring results based on fear.

AstrologerTitans of the Zodiac

From what little we know Humanity started worshiping these demigods way back, since around 3000 BC. So for the last 5000 years these giants inhabited our Consciousness Field. Incidentally, this date also coincides with the onset of the current Age of Kali Yuga or Iron Age, starting at 3113 BC.

It may very well be that the ever-moving twinkling plasma lights, called “Wondering Stars” in our night skies are actually used by this gang of inter-dimensional entities hitching a ride, circling above our stationary plain Earth.

Astrologers give us the same answers: “we must be learning valuable life lessons”

But who are these demi-gods or archons and what do they want from us?  We know this much, as we hear it from expert Astrologers all the time: “they are teaching humans valuable life lessons”. Many clients I talked with over the years often sighed and said to me: “I am sick of hearing about having life lessons! I just want to be happy and live free.” I admit, I totally agree with this emotional yet true statement myself.

Please do not misunderstand me: I do respect these Zodiac entities, whoever they are, for being clever, having the ability to pull wool over our eyes and extract great emotional energies from their devoted subjects here below. I respect where respect is due. I appreciate and respect their existence, but I for one will not feed them with my worship and most of all, I do not admire them.

Why I never became an Astrologer

When I look back at my life as an Intuitive it seems odd that I never did feel the need to become an Astrologer. After all, I have been drawn to all things esoteric from my early teens and Intuitive Counseling became my full-time occupation for over 40 years. Only recently did I start to understand on a deeper level why I never had the inclination to delve deeply into the study of Astrology.

My heart and soul always had a direct short-cut link to only one voice: my own Divine Inner Self. It would not allow me to compromise this direct route and diverge into the confusing, dead-end alleys of Astrology. At the same time I am also a pretty down-to-earth type who always wanted to deal with the real tangible aspects of reality. To assess and understand the patterns of events here and now is more important to me than some channeled messages from distant invisible realms.

About 30 years ago when I first met my Chinese teacher, who taught me about the 4000 years old Four Pillars of Destiny system I was finally ready to hear the answers to the usual questions: Who, what, why, from where we are?  As the saying goes: “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”, truly did happen for me.

So when he asked me to be his student, I agreed, even though I did not know at the time what this study really entails. I was simply led to it by my Divine Inner Self.

The Art of Four Pillars is an elegant Earth-based system

AstrologerIt encompasses all aspects of life in this realm. In a nutshell, it includes the study of the 5 elements, the overlapping energy exchange of Yin-Yang and Q’i, or the mysterious energy that flows through all living beings. All of these aspects create a phenomenon that are an integral part of who we are and heavily influence the way we are built, how we live, behave, interact, work, play love, etc. This phenomenon does not originate from some distant “stars”, it is from local source: Mother Earth.

Like everything in this realm, we are an intimate, integral part of Earth, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we like it or not.

The 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water are either born from the Earth or surround it, such as Water. These organic elements make up not only our physical bodies, but their presence expands into our Greater Being and our very Soul.

The Four Pillars system had been established in ancient times, probably during the Silver Age, much earlier than today’s Astrology had entered the realm of our consciousness. Our ancient ancestors studied the interactions of the five earthly elements, observing their energetic flux with the dance of Yin and Yang. This allowed them to improve their lives to highly advanced levels. They were able to reach optimum well being and lived in perfect balance not only with their environment but within themselves as well.

AstrologerToday, the Art of Four Pillars of Destiny is still very much alive and we can learn to utilize its gifts to truly master our way of living. There is no need to worship and empower floating wondering “stars” hijacked by deceptive and controlling archon beings, such as Saturn-Satan, Jupiter- Zeuss-Jehovah, Venus-Lucifer and their ilk. In fact, their influence brought us to the brink of destruction during the past 5000 years.

How long will it take for all of Humanity to wake from this trance?

Is it going to take another 5000 years to realize we are lead by the nose by these beings, robbing us of our free will and sovereign powers? At the very least we should reconsider who we offer up our emotional and psychological energies by worshiping one demigod or another. It is time we stop being slaves to these archons and free ourselves from indulging in a deceptive religion called Astrology.

AstrologerReal images of some of the “Wondering Stars” taken by amateur astronomers- very different from the Computer Generated painted Images (CGI) provided by NASA




Earth Walkers,
You are a part of the Earth,
and the Earth is a part of you.
The blood that courses through
your veins is like the sap that courses
through the trees.

When the earth in your bones returns
to the ground perhaps then you will
remember that this land does not belong
to you. It is you who belong to this land.

   — in Hearts Wake, Mother Earth

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