Divine Feminine Divine Masculine energies are embedded in our original cosmic blueprint. This blueprint determines our path during this earthly life.

We follow an energetic blueprint that essentially consists of a combination of the cosmic DNA structure and our earthly genetic structure. For most of us this blueprint is made up of a greater percentage of either the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine energies.divine feminine divine masculine

Is the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine blueprint corrupted?

In the current Kali Yuga Age this organic blueprint is in danger of being distorted and possibly destroyed, bringing the survival of the human species into question.

There are malevolent forces in this Reality bent on destroying the organic Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine heritage in a slow erosion. Due to this slow erosion that is usually planned for decades in advance, an average person can hardly detect it.

In recent decades a new Social Programming Agenda has been in place to warp the most impressionable, young minds and bring gender confusion into focus. This is achieved by creating media programs featuring mind controlled celebrities who are confused down to a low level, where they are to display no more than their external looks of gender preference. Most researchers are certain that the genders of these celebrities had been deliberately altered from a very young age.

divine feminine divine masculine

Extra padding – fake female hips

The ultimate goal of this Agenda is to corrupt Humanity which could lead to a complete end of organic human life as it existed for millions of years. Their aim is to warp our sexuality and bombard us with images and lives of transgenders: men who are really women and women who are really men.

How can we recognize the original Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Blueprint?

The principal qualities of the Divine or sacred Feminine if balanced, are:

divine feminine divine masculine

  • Wisdom
  •  Patience
  •  Nurturing
  •  Flexibility
  • Fertility
  • Tenderness
  •  Care

When not balanced, the toxic Female is prone to:

  •  Lack of self-love
  •  Lack of self-respect
  •  Lack of compassion
  •  Being fearful of competition
  •  Having a false sense of entitlement
  •  Having little or no discernment
  •  Manipulate emotion

The principal qualities of the Divine or sacred Masculine if balanced, are:

divine feminine divine masculine

  • Courage
  • Loyalty
  • Selfless service
  • Valor
  • Firmness
  • Survival
  • Care

When not balanced, the toxic Male is prone to:

  • Anger or violence
  • Rely on ego-based decisions
  • Being cold and calculating
  •  Being fearful of failure
  • Being overly dominant
  • Being selfish
  •  Being insecure

divine feminine divine masculine

What is happening to Humanity?

As humans we are here to reach our full potential and balance our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities. In today’s world most humans have wounded or misplaced connections to these sacred energies.

This is because the current Social Programming Agendas of the ‘Brave New World’ wants to prevent us from ever reaching our potential. In fact, their aim is to disconnect us from our sacred Feminine and Masculine origins and be utterly confused about our gender and life in general.

divine feminine divine masculine

Most humans came equipped with the tools and archetypal memory of who they are and what their purpose in life should be. However, in today’s society most people are disconnected from their sacred ‘knowing’.

As we progress forward on this linear timeline, each generation gets more and more ‘plugged’ into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that wants to control much if not all of Humanity’s consciousness and decision-making processes.

divine feminine divine masculine

The Creation of Trans-humans

The end-goal to all this is the ‘creation’ of trans-humans, who will have no connection to their organic self-knowing and self-determination.

divine feminine divine masculine

The union of the sacred Masculine and Feminine in all of us can unite, heal and help fulfill our Divine purpose in this earthly reality. This synergy is what could help us become truly creative, sovereign beings.

This is exactly why the destructive forces in power want to prevent such union from taking place. Their Agenda speaks of ‘artificial creation’ based on technology instead of the organic process of natural birth.

Instead of allowing the perfect fusion of our Divine energies, they want us divided and confused. Many people today are getting brainwashed into ‘choosing a gender’, like choosing a dress or an automobile.

divine feminine divine masculine

The Left-brain-Right-brain balance of the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine

In the post-2012 Era in Human History progress of our consciousness should have reached a balanced fusion between the left and right brain. Unfortunately, very few humans today had been able to reach such levels of growth. A well-balanced left-right brained human does indeed, have the capability to reach sacred union of the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine.

divine feminine divine masculine

What happens instead is that current Social Programming is glamorizing the idea to the youth to select a gender. It reminds us of the agenda played out a few decades ago glamorizing cigarette smoking to women. The emphasis in these propaganda news is on external appearances. For example, a thin waistline of a transvestite male-turned female is highly glamorized.

divine feminine divine masculine

‘Normal’ females are pressured to achieve this look, even though the female body was designed very different: it was designed for child birth.

Did you know that most Hollywood A-list celebrities have been and are trans-gender? Yet, this truth goes completely unnoticed by the masses.

divine feminine divine masculine


In this upside-down world the meaning for ‘Divine’ becomes ‘divide’. In essence, creating division between the sexes, and lately, even creating an ‘inner divide’ within humans themselves is the main focus.

Divine = working in harmony    Divide = working in disharmony

When we are in harmony with the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine qualities within, we are ‘growing’: reaching ever higher spiritual levels. Like the vine of a live plant or a tree, this growth has infinite potential. We must become like two vines of the sacred Masculine and sacred Feminine and become one, growing into our Divine potential.  However, if this growth is ‘divided’, our sacred Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Self can no longer grow.

divine feminine divine masculine

The Social Agendas such as fake feminism, various media beauty campaigns and gender rights movements all promote such division between the sexes. At the same time it is also designed to create inner confusion and chaos in human beings who blindly follow them. They reinforce the unhealthy, toxic Feminine and toxic Masculine qualities within humans.

divine feminine divine masculineThe horned figure of the Baphomet is worshiped by secret societies that rule the media and our world. The Baphomet is a symbolic figure that represents the inversion of the sacred union between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. This trans-gender figure is externally balanced, but internally imbalanced. The external focus on the gender-based looks and ‘beauty’ of artificially altered celebrities diverts people’s focus away from the inner balance of the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine.

It appeals to people’s ego, but not to their true Soul.

The ruling groups of secret societies are bent on making us follow this warped and twisted path, straight down into extinction. It is most crucial that we do not buy into such deadly Social Propaganda campaigns as the future survival of Humanity is at stake.


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