How to select an ethical tarot reader? Among so many tarot readers it is extremely difficult to discern for a new client whom they should trust.

What sets ethical tarot readers apart from the rest

  • They care and respect the emotional and psychic well being of their client
  • They keep and respect clear personal boundaries
  • Observing ethics is the most essential part of their service
  • The main scope of their service is confidentiality, respect of privacy and remaining emotionally balanced
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Tarot cards are used as visual aid to help find answers to complex life issues

The tarot reader should not abuse their abilities and frighten the client with readings on “curses” or “bad energy” and should not charge a fee based on the removal of these ‘curses’ or ‘bad energy’.

The reader is only an interpreter: interpreting a pictorial symbolic language. The client has free will to accept this interpretation or chose to ignore it.

It is not the responsibility of the reader to become enmeshed in the life problems of the client, as it may interfere with the flow of their life path.

Empathy or Compassion – the tarot reader must chose

To help a client in an ethical way, the tarot reader must remain objective and not become too empathetic. While compassion is important to deliver a service, the ethical reader should use maturity and wisdom and avoid being judgemental. Choosing someone you can trust is not simple but the availability of highly ethical experienced readers is getting better.

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I wish you a wonderful adventure on your journey with the magical help of the Tarot!


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