Donald Trump as the the next President in 2017? Is he in a powerful and lucky position to win the next election in November 2016? Let us evaluate his Destiny Chart and current luck cycle to find the answer.

 Four Pillars chart of Donald Trump

Birth Date: 14 June 1946 at 09:54 AM  New York NY
   HOUR        DAY      MONTH     YEAR 10-YR CYCLE
    Metal(Yin)        Earth(Yin)    Wood(Yang)      Fire(Yang) Metal (Yin)
    Sheep        Sheep      Horse      Dog
     AGE 67-76

Self –element: Earth–Strong 45%  Opposite –Power element: Wood – Weak 7%

Trump’s Day Master the Earth Sheep is a rebellious, generous, altruistic, talented but somewhat self-indulgent character

It reminds us of a Robin Hood-type individual, who has his heart in the right place: striving to help the needy and oppressed while managing to bring everyone around to his side.


Trump’s dominant elements are Fire And Earth

His Day Master is the Earth Goat (Sheep) and currently in the Luck cycle ruled by the Metal Ox. The Metal Ox often inspires one to work in politics or government service.

From the above chart we can see that Donald Trump’s Self element: (Yin) Earth -in yellow- (45%) is extremely strong. There is additional support from an overwhelming amount of Fire -in green- (45%) (family, friends, business associates). He has a unique Earth-dominant chart with amazing energy, stamina and support all around. The Yin-Yang balance in his birth chart is also adequate.

Trump’s current luck cycle, however is the weakest point in this analysis, because it promises a very busy, productive cycle, yet at the end it may all be in vain. What does this mean? He is currently in the middle of his 10-year cycle, ending around the year 2023. This cycle is also dominated by (Yin) Earth, his own Self Element. There is already so much Earth in his chart, that all the additional Earth could end up bringing him more competition than friendship. Thus, by the end of this cycle he may come out with less tangible results than he hoped.


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However he has lucky stars in 2016, including the Nobleman Star, and the Year of the Monkey is a favorable year in general, without too many obstacles. His toughest month is going to be October 2016, with fierce campaigning and heavy attacks but he should sail through fine. There is also adequate financial support flowing in, and his health is in top condition.

trumpHis strong Self element, Earth represents a sober, down-to-earth character, with such incredible support (Fire), that he never runs out of help. Trump is a very lucky individual, indeed.

If elected President (see November circled), he may face sudden heavy challenges only in the year 2018, the year of the Earth Dog. Enemies and attackers may come out of left field, trying to destroy his reputation (maybe even his presidency) and all the work he has done up until then. If not elected, he may still experience sudden losses, or betrayals by people he trusted as friends during 2018.

With great luck in his current cycle and most importantly, with the loving support of his family,  Trump can overcome all major setbacks during the current 2 years.

Still, he should rely first and foremost on himself, and not as much on others. If he remains steadfast and keeps his integrity in solid standing, nothing can stop him from winning the race.

donald trumpNumerology aspects: Donald Trump’s Birth date reflects the Master Builder Number 22. He was born to be a leader. Trump has the ability to sort through complex issues, agendas and groups and organize them to benefit the greater good.

As we could see from the above analysis, Donald Trump has amazing amounts of fortitude and salt-of-the-earth integrity. His heart is in the right place and he genuinely cares about his fellow Americans.  Is this going to be enough for him to win over his competition in November? He may surprise everyone and win the election!

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