FAQ Feng Shui and Ba Zi  – Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

 Why is Birth Data used in Four Pillars of Destiny?

 We all have a starting point in our earthly life. The date and place of our birth is the beginning of our journey here. All chart calculations are based on this starting point. From here we can follow a guide map and make changes as needed. At the same time the birth chart is only one of the many varied elements used in Four Pillars -Ba Zi.

 Are the various schools of Feng Shui contradicting?

Not at all. Used in combination, a Feng Shui consultation can reveal the many colors of a situation. The more tools we have to work with, the better it is to implement corrections and remedies.

How can Feng Shui help me attract better luck in my life?

Remember, we have Heaven and Human Luck in addition to Earth Luck. Feng Shui remedies are the ‘cures’ for the Luck (or lack of it) of the first two categories. For example: if we chose the right career we can correct an unbalanced life even if we were not born into the luckiest family. Also, if we marry the right partner, we can ‘share’ in his/her luck, when our luck happens to be down. To just rely on our Heaven luck, or work hard and try to ‘create’ our Human luck, we work hard but not smart. With the help of Feng Shui we can incorporate all three to get optimal results!

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What is the real significance of Flying Stars?

The Flying Stars identify where all positive and/or negative effects of Heaven Energy are located according to mathematical formulas. They influence your good or bad prosperity, success, relationships, and life conditions. When you learn to identify them, you will be able to maximize the positive effects as well as minimize their detrimental potential.

For an easy analogy, let us imagine that the Flying Stars are the house’s astrology. The time that your home was built determines its energetic qualities exactly in the same way that Heaven Energy and the astrological alignment of the planets determined the character of your personality and destiny.

Each directional sector of the Bagua has a specific energetic Flying Star imprint that will always create a veil of influence based upon what room it is in as well as what stars “live there.”

In addition, the Flying Stars are in constant motion yearly, monthly, daily, etc…

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