Feng Shui is “wind and water” in English. Harnessing ancient wisdom of the great mystics into a complex technique and study of our human experience.

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Chinese symbol of Feng Shui

The collective Knowledge called Feng Shui was born from the ancient teachings of the Tao and I Ching. This later developed into the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism.

Now over 4000 years old, this great collection of human wisdom has survived, against all odds and cultural upheavals. More importantly, Feng Shui today is experiencing a great revival all over the world–East and West!

Feng Shui approaches the Cosmic Order from two basic human angles

  • Intuitive Observation
  • Analytical/Scientific Observation

feng shui Ch’i

The wisdom of the Tao teaches that the cosmos is nothing but the balancing of universal energies: Ch’i. Everything within and without strives for Balance. Feng Shui was created to help humans achieve and live within the realms of this cosmic balance. When Ch’I is out of balance in one area, it will affect the balance in another area and so on…

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The Yin/Yang is symbolic of the perfect harmony of Ch’i or Cosmic Order

It is the optimal integration of opposite yet interdependent aspects of all Phenomena: light -dark; positive-negative; rise-decline; hot-cold; feminine-masculine; night-day; etc…
Human life is a testament to the struggle of striving for perfection or perfect balance. Alas, no one can ever claim to have achieved it!

From the Intuitive and the Analytical approach in Feng Shui two disciplines emerged:

  • Early Heaven’s Order
  • Later Heaven’s Order

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Five Elements

The Ancient Mystics’ primary observation included that earthly existence is made up of the physical manifestation of cosmic energy in the perfect blend of the five elements – found both within and without.

The Five Elements Are: WOOD – FIRE – EARTH – METAL – WATER

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Four Pillars Of Destiny chart of John Lennon

Most advanced practitioners include an in-depth analysis of the clients birth data. Why? This approach integrates the Heaven, Earth and Human factors of Feng Shui.

Could an expert Physician help his patient without diagnosis? Of course not!

Four Pillars of Destiny as a diagnosis tool

This special natal chart of the client brings to light the balance of the five elements – or lack thereof – so the practitioner can implement the proper kind of Feng Shui remedies. The inner Cosmic Balance meets the outer Cosmic Balance to bring overall success and good fortune.

Today’s Feng Shui is evolving: the blending of Intuitive and Analytical approaches are collectively called: Classical Feng Shui

flying stars

Flying Stars

Classical Feng Shui may encompass the following schools

· Form School
· Flying Stars
· Ming Kua – 9 Palaces
· Four Pillars

We use a blend of the above approaches taking into account

· Land forms
· Human Destiny and Luck
· Birth Data (individuals and structures)
· Seasonal and Timely Stars
· Nine Palaces

Feng Shui cures are to bring balance and help protect from the influence of harmful stars. Please do not use just any cures without proper consultation. If used incorrectly – like wrong medicine- cures can harm more than help and should not be based on superstitious beliefs and fears.

We generally employ a great variety of Feng Shui cures during a consultation. We base our decisions on how Ch’i or any of the five elements need balancing in a given environment. It is most effective when the cures are kept simple, creative and placed correctly.

Cures do not need to be limited to traditional Eastern style objects

In a Western setting one could employ Feng Shui cures that may well fit in with the design elements of a home or business. Use your creativity, intuition and imagination for new and effective solutions based on your needs. Please check out my Feng Shui Cures Blog for more details.

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