Feng Shui cures are to bring balance and help protect from the influence of harmful stars. Please do not use Feng Shui cures without proper consultation. If used incorrectly – like wrong medicine- cures can harm more than help. Feng Shui cures should not be based on superstitious beliefs and fears.

Practitioners generally employ a great variety of Feng Shui cures during a consultation

…based on how Ch’i or any of the five elements need balancing in a given environment. It is most effective, when the cures are kept simple, creative and placed correctly. The Feng Shui cures listed here are just a small sampling. The possibilities are endless.

Feng Shui Cures do not need to be limited to traditional Eastern style objects

In a Western setting one could employ Feng Shui cures that may well fit in with the design elements of a home or business. Use your creativity, intuition and imagination for new and effective solutions to your Feng Shui needs.


Feng Shui Cures


Signifying growth, progress, new life, such as the young leaves and roots of plants and trees, Wood is ever dynamic, changing and exciting in nature. Wood rules the liver, the seat of emotions.

Wood is used for building, crafts in almost all areas of life. Vertical lines, tall shapes signify the element of Wood. Colors for wood are in the green hues.

Direction is East, the Season: spring, the time for growth and learning. Astrologically, Wood signs are: Aquarius(January/February), Pisces(February/March), and Aries(March). When Wood is balanced, we find knowledge, personal growth, and progress.

Wood as a Feng Shui Cure may include:

  • Bamboo Wind Chimes

  • Live Plants

  • Wood paneling

  • Wood furniture

  • Colors of green in decor

  • Tall, vertical, columnar shapes, stripes

  • Jade, emerald, green jasper jewelry


Fire is the element of heat and light. It can ignite quickly, and become uncontrollable but it can also be extinguished fast. Fire is cleansing, a great element of transformation and change. It is associated with inspiration, creative force and Spirit.

Fire is connected with the South, the season of summer. Too much Fire in the summer is Yang in nature and needs balancing. Astrologically, it is closest to Taurus (April/May) and Gemini (May/June). In the body, it rules the head, the heart and the solar plexus. When balanced, Fire is associated with forgiveness and enthusiasm.

Fire as a Feng Shui cure may include:

  • Candles

  • Fireplace

  • Lamps, heaters

  • Electronic equipment, i.e: stereo, TV, computer

  • Colors of reds, orange, purple, pink

  • red plants: poppy, red clover, red pepper, hibiscus, begonia…

  • herbs: ginseng, gingko biloba, lotus seed…

  • triangular or spiky shapes

  • red ruby, red agate gemstones


Earth is the source of nurturing and care-taking. It has permanence and stability, provides shelter, nourishment and protection. Earth energy flows downward, thus its place is in the Center.

Earth people have a low center of gravity; they are grounded, passive, stable and connected to the material world. Earth rules the digestive system.

Earth is associated with the direction of Northeast and the Center. Astrologically, Earth is best likened to Capricorn (December/January), Taurus (April), Cancer(July) and Virgo/Libra (October). When Earth is balanced, we find courage and contentment.

Earth as a Feng Shui cure may include:

  • Crystals

  • Crystal chandeliers

  • Pottery, clay, ceramic, china ware, art or utensils

  • colors of tan, beige, yellow, rust brown

  • shapes of square, fat, rectangular

  • yellow topaz, citrine, opal or cat’s eye gemstones

  • plants (or images) of sunflowers, oleander, yellow or rust colored mums

  • astragulus or licorice


The most dense element, Metal can hold the temperatures of hot or cold, making it very useful and rare. The precious gifts of the Earth, such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, etc. are Metals that enrich our lives.

Metal bars and braces can also be used to limit or constrict. Metal people have great discipline, some great vocal strength and a sense of humor. Metal rules the colon and the lungs.

Direction is West, the Season is the Fall, and colors are the white or the metallic colors of gold, silver, and bronze. Horizontal, short, straight lines are associated with Metal. Astrologically, Leo (August) and Virgo (September) may be best linked to Metal signs. When Metal is balanced we find laughter and ease.

Metal as a Feng Shui cure may include:

  • Metal Wind Chimes

  • Mirrors

  • Horizontal, arched shapes

  • colors of white, silver, grey, gold

  • decor of metallic,reflective, glass, images of automobiles, machinery

  • gold, silver, diamond, pearl jewelry

  • coins, images of treasures


Water is the source of all life on Earth. Although shapeless, it takes up the form of its container. It needs to be contained, or it will be uncontrollable. Water is a cleanser, healer and a soothing element.

Cooling in the summer heat, but it can be chilling in winter. With the help of water we can go deep and reflect on our emotions. Too much water in winter is Yin in nature and needs balancing.

Direction for Water is the North, the Season: winter. Water’s colors are black, navy, and blue hues. Shapes of round, irregular or wavy patterns can be associated with Water.

Water is the element for communication, travel and transportation. Water rules the kidneys, and the reproductive organs. Astrologically, Scorpio (November), Sagittarius (November/December) and Capricorn (December) could be likened to the Water element. When balanced, Water allows us to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Water as a Feng Shui cure may include:

  • Fountains

  • Curly, wavy, irregular shapes

  • colors of black, navy, aqua, blues

  • Fish tanks, water features, images of lakes, oceans, rivers, waterfalls

  • aquamarine, turquoise, blue sapphire, topaz, or opal jewelry

  • fish, seafood

  • herbs of shu di huang, yin yang hou


In general, to enhance Ch’i in any environment, we may use:

  • Crystal pendants

  • Mobiles

  • Chimes

  • Statues

  • Family images

  • Images of benefactors

  • Luck coins

  • Mirrors

  • Lamps

  • Electronic equipment

  • Ponds, water fountains, fish tanks….

***NOTE: Elizabeth does not claim to be an authority on the definition of the vast heritage of ancient Wisdom called Feng Shui.

feng shui cures

One of the most effective Feng Shui cures: the Salt Water Cure

Salt Water Cure for 5 Earth Flying Star


  • Glass water jar or vase – any size
  • Sea salt or any salt preferred – but never consume it
  • 6 Imperial coins or any coins of your choice
  • Tray to hold any spills
  • Loose fitting top cover (optional)
  1. Fill up 2/3rd of the jar or glass vase with salt
  2. Place the six coins into the jar
  3. Fill up the jar with water almost to the top

Place your salt water cure in the corner of the home or office affected by the annual Number 5 Earth Flying Star. This cure activates the Metal element and helps dissolve the negative energies of the 5 Earth  for that time period (one Lunar Year).

Note: It is best to place your Salt Water Cure just before the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Expect that the water in the jar will evaporate, so it is important to replace it from time to time. If too much salt ‘escapes’ from the jar, just add more salt if needed.

Do not forget about your salt water cure. One time I left it untouched all year, and as the water evaporated, the salt crystallized in the jar, and the coins got dissolved due to the strong chemical process between the salt and the Metal elements in the coins.


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