These Feng Shui facts and Four Pillars tidbits may come in handy when making important  life decisions. The magic of Feng Shui can make our journey much happier.

  •  Feng Shui is just one of the five influences in our lives. The others are: Luck, Fate, Good Deeds and Self Development.
  • Because we have entered the 20-year Period Eight, when choosing anything with numbers, such as business accounts, phone numbers, license numbers, street addresses…choose one of the lucky numbers or their combination: 8, 9,1, or 6.
  • Yin/Yang is also called ‘Tai Chi’ or “Ultimate Energy”, representing hard/soft, light/dark, male/female…They are the two sides of a whole: not opposites.
  • Colors: Select flooring colors so that the floor appears darkest, the colors of walls are lighter and finally the ceiling color is lightest: just as in Nature: ground color darkest, trees and mountains lighter, and the sky is the lightest.
  • Forgiveness: Forgive others, forgive yourself. There is great power in Forgiveness: it is where love and healing can happen thus guilt and judgment will vanish.

Feng Shui facts – Elements

feng shui facts

  • Yang Wood is like a tree, tall, sturdy, stubborn, and ever growing upward.
  • Yin Wood is like a shrub or grass, tactful and unyielding, ever growing. Yin Wood is actually stronger than Yang Wood because Yin Wood is more graceful and knows how to bend under pressure then come back strong, but not break like Yang Wood.

feng shui facts

  • Yang Fire is like a forest fire, hot, burning high without stopping.
  • Yin Fire is like a furnace fire, hot, burning slowly, giving heat without scorching.

feng shui facts

  • Yang Earth is hard, crusty soil like the ground in a desert with no rain for a long period of time.
  • Yin Earth is like garden soil, rich in nutrients to grow wonderful food.

feng shui facts

  • Yang Metal is outward piercing, intelligence that needs to know everything, aggressive and strong.
  • Yin Metal is inward looking, intelligence that has wisdom, beautiful and powerful.

feng shui facts

  • Yang Water is like an ocean, deep and very active with many waves.
  • Yin Water is like a lake, deep and calm on the surface but strong currents underneath.

The above five elements also combine with the ’12 animal signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Four Pillars tidbits

  • Four Pillars of Destiny is calculated using the Chinese Solar Year. It doesn’t start on January 1st. It stars anywhere from February 4th to the 5th. I.e. f you were born in early January 1951 you may need to calculate your chart from the year 1950.
  • The most important Pillar is the Day Pillar. The stem (top) is the Day Master. That is You, your Spirit. The branch (bottom) is the marriage palace. It will tell of the quality of your marriage.
  • The Five Types of Energies in their Yin and Yang expressions are called “The Ten Heavenly Stems” and the 12 Animals are called “The Twelve Earthly Branches”. Their energies interact in such specific ways that a certain chemistry is created, just like we do in groups of people or families.
    These energies can combine in a harmonious way, clash, strengthen, weaken, assist, or control.
  • The Month Pillar is called the Parents Palace. It is where we can see the relationship between us and our parents. Our childhood can be reflected in this pillar and there will be an indication of the type of family in which we grew up.
  • The Hour Pillar is called the Children Palace. reflecting on the relationship between us and our children. This pillar also tells us about old age, or the third segment of one’s life.
  • The Year Pillar is called the Grandparents Palace. It represents the relationship between you and your grandparents. It can also reflect on your family background and society. This can show subtle impacts on a person’s achievement.

Of course there are much, much more Feng Shui facts and  Ba Zi secrets but this was just to gives you a little flavor of some basic understanding of what the pillars represent. I hope, these few Feng Shui facts and tidbits may inspire you to take you further down the road of discovery about the mysteries of life.

May your Destiny be filled with great Love, Joy, Health, and Abundance.

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