What is Flying Stars Feng Shui?  The Flying Stars or Heaven Energy, like all Chi (energy) and everything in nature, the energy is in constant movement.

As Feng Shui is based upon natural laws, the science and mathematics of Earth and Heaven need to be parallel in our Feng Shui…and that aspect is known as the Flying Stars. As with other aspects in Feng Shui, Heaven Energy influences behavior and health as well as all areas of good or bad luck.

As consistent as the changing seasons, the cycle of night and day, or the tides flowing in and out, the Flying Stars are always changing.

The Flying Stars identify where all positive and/or negative life-effecting Heaven Energy are located according to mathematical formulas

They influence our good or bad prosperity, success, relationship aspects, health and many other life conditions. When we learn to identify them,we are be able to maximize the positive effects as well as minimize their detrimental potential.

For an easy analogy, let’s describe the Flying Stars as house astrology. The time that your home was built determines its energetic qualities.  Heaven Energy and momentary astrological alignments determined the character of our personality and destiny and so it is with the home.

Each directional sector of the house has a specific energetic Flying Star imprint that will always create a veil of influence on that space and its inhabitants. This phenomenon is based upon which specific star “lives there” at that time period.

Calculate your Flying Stars

Simply use the drop-down menus to enter your data, press the calculate button and the software will show the Flying Stars for your home.


This software comes courtesy of www.fourpillars.net/fourp.php

This is a short description of each Flying Star’s meaning:

1 Water Success, Career Good
2 Earth Illness Bad
3 Wood Arguments, Conflict Neutral
4 Wood Education, Romance Neutral
5 Earth Misfortune Bad
6 Metal Indirect Wealth Good
7 Metal Robbery, Violence Bad
8 Earth Success Excellent
9 Fire Multiplying Adjacent Stars Good
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