Calculate your Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi  with a little help of the Four Pillars calculator below. What is Ba Zi?   (To skip the article, please scroll to the calculator link at the bottom of page)

Four Pillars or Ba Zi is for the Human condition or ‘Destiny’ and Feng Shui is for the Environment

The two can not be separate. From the earliest times humans were in search of finding their life purpose. For centuries our Ancient Ancestors have accumulated much knowledge to study these great questions in search of answers.
By studying the interaction between Man, the Environment, Time and the Universe (Heaven), a pattern was discovered.

  1. Fate: 40% or Heaven Luck – we can’t change it.
  2.  Human Luck: 25% – represents our own efforts.
  3.  Feng Shui: 35% – we can use this knowledge to help shape our lives.

Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny is not a mere entertainment fad or something to satisfy our curiosity

Used as a great life improvement tool – it can bring great positive impact to your life!

Four Pillars has been developed along with the varied Feng Shui schools at about the same time – 4000 years ago.

Feng Shui can also be described as “Heavenly watching and landscape watching” to support the Taoist holistic view that there is a holographic relation between Heaven and Earth.

destinyThis pattern represents the cyclical influence of the energies in the Universe imprinted on us during the time of our birth. This information is encrypted in the form of Eight Characters (Ba Zi). Thus the study and practice of BaZi calculations allow us to decrypt this information and our destiny can be revealed.

Most people have heard of the Chinese zodiac. Some know of the cycle of the twelve animals, and of how their characters are described with a high percentage of accuracy.

Unfortunately, for most people in the West, this knowledge was limited to the year of their birth

However, the Ba Zi system is much more detailed and inclusive.  It tells of a person’s character to a high degree, and from there, that person can understand his or her strengths and weaknesses, and make essential, intelligent decisions and improvements about the course of his/her life.

Ba Zi divination is different from Western astrology. While Western astrology places emphasis on psychological insights and nuances, BaZi tells it as it is.


FUTURE LUCK CYCLES: Age 69-78: (Ren Zi – Water Rat): The influence of Yang Water in this cycle brings great family support and happiness. This influence may be more welcome in the third phase of your life when you energies may be somewhat weaker, so you will enjoy closeness with your family (children, grandchildren). As you may have rebelled in your youth by not wanting too much closeness from your family of origin, it is different now, at this stage.”

CURRENT YEARS: As you entered this cycle at age 57 you should be feeling a lot more comfortable with the new path you are taking with your life. The emotionally painful periods of your twenties and early thirties are but a distant memory”destiny

These are just short examples of an authentic Ba Zi reading. Even if some accept it with skepticism, the readings are often realized, with amazing precision.

Think of Four Pillars of Destiny as a weather report or traffic report for your life or possible destiny.

You can ignore the reports, and might get stuck in traffic or snow or you may be faced with possible problems because you were not prepared.

If you pay attention to the report you can avoid or minimize the probability of damage and take advantage of the good opportunities that may arise in good cycles.

At the same time, if you are not aware of your best cycles, you may miss them altogether. The wisdom of the ancient people is here for us to use to optimize our chances for happiness and improve conditions for others and ourselves.

If we know ourselves, we know our limitations and positive qualities as well as those of our fellow humans we can all get along a lot better.

The Eight Characters or Ba Zi represents the static chart of our destiny. The eight characters are called our ‘Ming’ or Life. Our Life Path or Destiny is calculated in what we call the dynamic pillars where they represent 10-year periods of our life. These pillars are known as Luck Pillars.

A Dramatic Example: Four Pillars chart of John Lennon


Birth Date: 9 October 1940 18:30 
 YI             YI     BING    GENG GENG
 YOU YOU     SHU    CHEN           YIN
     AGE 39-48

Self –element: Wood –Weak 20%

Opposite –Power element: Metal – Strong 50%

From this chart we can see that John’s Self element: Wood (only about 20%) is ‘under attack’ from an overwhelming amount of Metal (50%) (his opposite – power element).

His tragic end happened in a year when Metal was especially powerful: 1980 – the year of the Yang Metal Monkey (Metal on top/Metal below). Metal increased by 30%.

He was also about to enter into a Yang Metal–ruled 10-year cycle: ruled by the Metal Tiger (Metal on top/Wood below) – high probability for sudden attack…

Water, his supportive element, is found in abundance in his wife, Yoko’s chart. This explains his great need he had to be near her at all times. (this is just a short example and a glimpse at his life.)

The Metal element also represents great spiritual power in Lennon’s chart : those who are here to teach and enlighten others have a higher than average amount of the ‘Power’ element.

John Lennon was a spiritual teacher, it is clearly reflected in this chart

We live under the influence of two immense fields of energy: Below us is the constant power of Earth. Above us, and expanding through the immeasurable vastness of space is the energy of the Cosmos. Human beings have always been been fascinated by the mysteries of the Universe from the Creation to today’s events.

Understanding the influence of these energies and their impact on our lives is the basis of Feng Shui

Calculate your Four Pillars of Destiny


There is a mysterious thing
that existed before Heaven and Earth
Silent and empty,
Alone and unchanging,
Ceaselessly turning,
It is the Mother of All Things.
If I must, I’ll call it “Great”, Greatness entails transcendence.
Transcendence entails going beyond.
Going beyond entails return to the beginning.

-Tao Te Ching

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