The destructive Iron Age or the Age of Kali Yuga is reaching the tipping point. Is Humanity going by the way of the Classical Maya?

“You are the children of Stars and not here to be engulfed by fear and tyranny.”                        – Enki message

Part One

The Age of Kali Yuga began around 3113 BC

According to historical data, when Cortez landed in Central America around 1520 CE, the Mayan priests have already expected his arrival. They knew from their advanced calendar and astronomical calculation systems that their civilization in this reality has reached its final hours just around the timing of the Spanish Invasion.

Legend has it that on the eve of the faithful attack by Cortez on the Mayan and Aztec population, the Mayan High Priest visited him, handing him a collection of sacred knowledge of the Classical Maya Period. This collection has been locked away in the Vatican ever since, translated into Spanish, what is now called the Dresden Codex. It is one of the best collections of remaining sacred wisdom of the Maya that we could access today.

When his people asked the Mayan High Priest: “What should we do? Fight and die with honor, or just give up?” The Priest answered: “No need, they are like children, let them play, they do not know yet what awaits them down the road, so let them have a go of it this time around.”

The High Priest knew their Civilization reached its highest peak: their earthly journey was at a cross-roads. He was well aware that the incoming newer groups, such as the Spaniards represent a group of humans with a beginner level of consciousness, and now they need the playing field to advance their wisdom. By allowing them to “play out their children’s games” he wisely decided not to oppose Cortez and the Spanish army massacred a high number of Maya people that remained here from the classical groups on that faithful day.

The ancient Maya of the Pre-Classical Period (200 BCE-800 CE) believed that time is cyclical

…and their time here has reached the peak of the highest Civilization for this cycle. They were literally ready to “walk away” from this Reality.

This was tremendous! What incredible wisdom and knowledge must have been collected by these Humans during their last Era: they knew their Fate and acted accordingly!

If the most accurate calendar system today is the Mayan cyclical calendar, then the date of the year 3113 BC, or the beginning of the 5th World is from when we may count the beginning of a new, ‘devolutionary’ cycle of human history. Today, just like during the Maya of the Classical era, we are at a crossroads of cycles; or it can be said that we find ourselves at the end of a 5125-year long ‘great world age’ cycle – the beginning of the 6th World. (Not the “END of THE world”, only the end of the 5th World.)

But what is this thing called ‘devolution’?

Its literal meaning is the opposite of ‘evolution’. Contrary to modern assumptions many may have you believe that we are evolving, the cold hard truth is that humanity is currently on a ‘devolutionary’ cycle: we are devolving.

The great world cycles take approximately 5125 earthly years, but we must be careful about taking the numbers of linear years at face value. The date of 2012 AD was arrived at as the next cycle point in these cosmic cycles, but it may well be inaccurate. As much as we DID and still ARE experiencing significant cosmic awakenings: ‘downloads,’ in the most recent years, there is very little visible proof that 2012 or any of these current years will be ‘cycle-changers’.

One thing is for certain: linear ‘time’ seems to be speeding up, it has been for some time, and like a Fibonacci spiral, personal and global events appear to be happening at faster intervals and shorter duration –compacting past, present and future events into mini-repeat-events: leading us closer and closer to Zero Point.

Kali Yuga

Fibonacci Spiral

I am getting ahead of myself, so let’s get back to my original question: Are we going out like the classic Mayans did who slowly disappeared between the years 200 BCE-800 CE? Are we giving room to a species of humans who are ready and seemingly willing to experience more extreme ‘austerities’ during the remains of this harsh ‘devolutionary’ cycle? Are these new humans willing to enter the New Age of Trans-humanism?

Vedic Cosmology tells us that these ‘devolutionary’ cycles are characteristic of the Age of Iron…

…also called Kali Yuga. We have been in the last destructive Kali Yuga cycle for nearly 2,500 years so far!

Kali Yuga

From The Vedic Cosmology of Yugas

 In contrast to a constructive or creative cycle such as the Golden Age or Silver Age, a ‘devolutionary’ cycle expressed during the Iron Age is characterized by extreme forms of aggression, the “survival of the fittest”, a ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality, as oppression, strife, abuse, fraud, and multiple forms of slavery, ritual murder, and a complete lack of ethical and moral conduct. In short, a complete absence of respect for culture, logic, reason, human life or traditional human values are prevalent in this vile Kali Yuga Age.

Glorious human achievements, patriotism, family, tribal or national values, whatever creative genius built during the long, prosperous times of the Golden Age are no longer recognized, valued and are tossed out like yesterday’s trash. During a ‘devolutionary’ cycle the shadow characteristics of human nature play center stage, as dark and dreary dramas play out on this third dimensional reality, made possible by our beloved Mother Earth.

In a ‘devolutionary’ cycle Duality reaches peak levels

Once reached a critical mass, the cycle gets replaced by the next cosmic cycle, gradually moving away -ascending upwards- into a life of higher ethics and moral integrity. We are on that slow, painful journey now, as the 21st century –in linear time- slowly moves us out of the swamps of the Iron Age.

Kali YugaThe Yugas

Let us stop here for a minute. Some of you with your rational thinking caps on may ask: “…But it still looks a lot like we are in Kali Yuga, or the Age of Iron! After all the “powers of the hidden hand” are still in place, viciously running amok, feverishly trying to kill all organic life on this planet.”

It sure seems like the shadowy elements of our human nature have not completed their course. The destructive side of Humanity’s game has not been fully played out yet. It is visibly obvious that the Age of Kali Yuga is still on its last legs, and many of us feel that it may get worse BEFORE it gets better. Humanity must reach maximum honesty levels and accept the truth about both, the extreme dark and extreme light aspects of our nature and understand how complex we, human beings, really are.

Alternatively, if we are progressing into the next, the Bronze Age, (see the above pie chart) then to me this new age still appears quite sinister and deceptive in a slightly different way than the one we just left behind. At first glance it seems as if we are headed for Unity Consciousness, a grand solution. In reality, however, the current rulers are hell-bent on creating a new form of society in which unity to them means ruling over a manageable sized herd of sheep, and of course, controlled by them (the masters). Or, like a colony of ants, the ‘unity’ of humans will be forced to  be working non-stop for their queen. It appears this coming Age is already fooling the masses…

I used to think that we are getting close to the Golden Age, within my lifetime

I don’t feel that way anymore. Instead, it looks more like we are not even near the beginning of the Bronze Age. We are inching back up on the ladder, to be sure, into a more humane earthly existence, but the Bronze Age may arrive a lot later, perhaps in a hundred years – not in my lifetime.

Part Two

“When things have displayed their luxuriant growth, we see each of them return to its root.”                    -Lao Tzu

Kali Yuga

The cycles of Creation in the Mayan Calendar

One of the many interpretations of the Dresden Codex was done by Carl Johan Calleman in his work: ‘The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness’. According to his careful decoding of the Maya time-keeping, “creation” as such has been completed on our planet as of October 2011.

What does this mean? What ‘creation’ is finished? It sounds absurd, right?

Everything in Nature -on a micro and macro level- is perpetually being born, growing, creating, building, expanding then disintegrating or ‘dying’: it is a cycle of birth and destruction, life and death, growth and collapse, repeating over and over. All things organic and alive follow such a pattern.

Thus it follows that a majority of human groups who are currently on this planet are here for one reason: to participate in the cycle of destruction. Lead by the Powers of the ‘Hidden Hand’, they are sure doing a perfectly adequate job, no one could argue with that.

Another question we must ask: Are these creative and destructive cycles complete, in other words, are they destroying everything 100%?  During a ‘devolutionary’ cycle is all life, all creation destroyed? My own intuitive answer is: No. It does not need to be the case.  However, it is easy to observe that a great amount of effort has been put forth during the past 2500 years towards destruction. The forces of creation are always at work as well, of course, simultaneously keeping the equilibrium alive. Nature is always striving for balance as much as possible.

Are we reaching the tipping point?

However, when a tipping point is reached, the opposite forces begin to grow in influence and so the cycles follow endlessly in a perfect pattern. As the Yin-Yang symbol well illustrates the cycles of creation and destruction, there is always a small remaining ‘seed’ amount contained within the opposite cycle.

“The subtle movement of the interplay between Yin and Yang never ceases. It’s creativity and usefulness is boundless.”         -Lao Tzu                              

Back to the original question: Is Humanity going out by the way of the Maya of the Classical Era?

In light of the previous argument, we could answer this question with a ‘Yes’! It is obvious now that during a ‘devolutionary’ cycle there is very little need for true creative genius. If you are here to be truly creative: to invent, to build, to advance human culture and leave a lasting mark on this third dimensional material realm, you may end up quite disappointed. During the ‘Age of Iron’ whatever ‘creation’ has been accomplished is now complete.

The Maya KNEW this fact. If Calleman is correct, and ‘creation’ is done with the end cycle of the 5th World, what follows next? Unfortunately, we do not have access to the Maya wisdom about what the 6th World entails. We can only speculate. Are we done yet? Is the Kali Yuga Age winding down or will it be during the 6th World, during the next 5125 linear years of the Processional cycle when destruction will reach maximum levels?

If the Iron Age or Kali Yuga  is still in full force it follows, that the human groups whose life purpose is to be creative and constructive, advancing and expanding our human culture, build lasting values, invent useful and beautiful things, helping Mother Earth with her creative transformation, these creations will all but disappear at the end of this cycle. Due to the ‘theme’ of Kali Yuga, destruction must prevail, even if constructive, creative people do not mean to serve such an agenda. What is created will be sacrificed at the altar of destruction one way or another before the cycle ends.

In fact, we must observe, how in this age of Kali Yuga the ‘devolutionary’ forces on the Yin-Yang balance-wheel are in full force wiping out massive numbers of the ‘creative’ groups of humans: the ‘seed’ groups, such as the indigenous cultures, including the classical Maya, entire generations of the Native American tribes, the Aborigines in Australia, most African ‘seed’ groups or the Scythian nations of the great Asian continent…and the list goes on even today.

Kali Yuga

Mayan cyclical time-keeping

“The invisible way of the Universe appears to lack strength, yet its power is inexhaustible. Fathomless, it could be the origin of all things.”                                                       -Lao Tzu

In order to carry out their purpose (job) of destruction during the current Kali Yuga cycle, the destructive human groups entered this realm around the beginning of the 5th World, or 3000 BCE, and it seems their work is not yet done.

You may say that I am wrong. This just cannot happen: destruction cannot go on unchecked! However, on close examination of untainted history of the past 5,000 years can prove my point. It is time for us to wake up to the reality of our world. All this is not happening because of the judging wrath of an angry ‘god’ or visiting reptilians, various ET groups, or some ‘other visitors’. To blame any external force is infantile at best.

Humanity is at work here…

…always has been, as a collective, doing good or bad, creative or destructive: we are the ones, we were and are always here to carry out our purpose! Some groups are here to represent the dark forces of our human nature, and at this time of the Kali Yuga cycle they are in the majority of the yin-yang balance. When the Age of Iron reaches its end point, starts blending into the Bronze Age, we will, again, find that the creative genius of Humanity shall gain higher ground.

To sum it up: as it has been widely accepted and scientifically proven, there is no such thing as death. In the infinite Universe all is alive, at the very least in dormant seed form. Therefore, the cycles of creation and destruction are in harmony with the Natural Lore. Construction follows destruction and so it goes on and on, ad infinitum.

If the creative human groups do not get their chance in the Kali Yuga Age…

…to shine this time around, they will get to return when the time is right, during one of the great Ages, either the Silver Age or the Golden Age. If we accept the premise that Life is eternal, and that there is no such thing as time, we can conclude that all is and will be well in the Eternal cycles of Yin and Yang.

“Force is followed by loss of strength. This is not the way of Tao. That which goes against the Tao comes to an early end.”     -Lao Tzu

Kali Yuga

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