tzolkinThe post-2012 Era Consciousness Shift is happening to you and I whether we accept or notice it or not.

We are in a new phase of the Mayan time-keeping. Some people call it the “post 2012 era”. This new time phase is spiraling into ever higher electromagnetic frequencies at an ever faster pace. This requires that we keep up or be left behind in the old time paradigm.

How can we manage to deal with these increasingly higher frequencies emanating from our collective cosmic consciousness? Is the post 2012 Era Consciousness Shift massive enough to wake  the sleeping masses ‘the sheeple’? Can their overlords able to manage within this new energy field? I think not. Nor are the indoctrinated masses, the religious and science-ology believers and those with severe left-brain dominance able to manage surfing these higher frequency waves.

The post-2012 Consciousness Era is all about integrating the mind’s left and right hemispheres

The integration of the mind’s hemispheres results in perfect harmony between the polarities of masculine-feminine. This new time is about thinking with the heart and feeling with the mind – more precisely, thinking in images, residing within the right hemisphere of our brain. Language, the written word belongs to the old time paradigm; within the territory of the left brain. The left brain is the seat of reasoning and mental reflection, the world of numbers, while the right brain is the seat of divine inspiration and illumination.

The newly arrived “children of Earth”

The newly arrived humans, the “children of Earth” with balanced left and right-brain hemispheres are here to restore the balance on Earth. The old Era of patriarchal systems built by left-brain-dominant humans is just about over. The children of Earth think feel and work from the heart. They feel at home in the increasing energies of Love and Beauty: as that is the basis of our authentic human existence. The true original children of Earth have an unquenchable thirst for the Truth – for ALL Truth.

They are facing severe challenges from those still living in the old paradigm and clenching to the “box” of their duality-based matrix.
The current times of the post 2012 Era are increasingly intense as the divisional gap between the “boxed” humans and the Love-based, Truth-and-Freedom hungry children of Earth keeps growing wider and deeper.
In the meantime, our Mother Earth is harmonizing with these fast increasing frequencies. We can witness this by the greater numbers of Earthquakes and increased volcanisms since 2012.

The Consciousness Shift in the Age Kali

There is a progression going on, away from the current Kali Yuga Age, towards a harmonious Age when the Whole Truth about our origins, Ancient History, the real truth about Earth, Sun, Moon and the Stars is being revealed to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

The deceptive, confusing and corrupt Age of Kali Yuga is showing signs of wear and tear. It is falling apart, giving room to the original seeds, the children of Earth who arrived to restore all simple Truth and living within the Love vibrations of the heart. Are you one of them?

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