Earth symbolism represents stability in most ancient cultures. It anchors and unites all living beings. It occupies the center of the Flying Stars Magic Square.  In fact, the greatest quality of its symbolism is that it connects and brings balance to all living beings.

EarthThe Flying Stars Magic Square

Earth is our birth place and our burial place

Every life journey begins and ends here. Most ancient cultures used a simple symbol: the circle divided into four areas by a cross. This elegant sacred symbol carries volumes of information about where we come from, where we live and where we are going.

earthThe Earth Symbol

It is easy to decipher that the circle symbolizes the shape and the cross represents the four sacred directions, the four additional elements and four seasons, etc…


The Iching hexagram – K’un – Yin/Feminine principal

earthSome of the most impressive characteristics of this element are:

  • Bounty
  • Equality
  • Generosity
  • Reciprocity
  • Appreciation
  • Dedication
  • Grounded
  • Responsibility
  • Determination
  • Humility
  • Meditation/contemplation

Earth offers Unconditional Love, great generosity, bounty and balance to all

Our very existence is possible only because of Earth’s providence. The physical properties of wealth, health, food and survival all belong to this element.

Yang Earth is dense, like a mountain, Yin Earth is yielding like soil. In general, it provides stability, permanence, shelter and protection. Earth energy flows downward, towards the center. Earth-dominant people are grounded, often stocky with a slow demeanor. The direction for Earth –besides the Center – is the South-East.

When Earth is in balance it offers a grounding and encouraging quality, a great feeling of being connected, much confidence, reliability and compassion.

When this element is out of balance it reflects a different set of characteristics:

1.   Too strong: over-confident, sluggishness, unresponsive attitude, decreased ambition, lack of motivation.

2.   Too weak: lack of flexibility, low self-esteem, unreliable, unresponsive.


If Earth is too strong, in Feng Shui we can balance it by adding Wood.



EarthIf too weak – adding Fire is helpful.



The Art of Feng Shui is the Art of balance. Find out how the five elements affect your personality and the personalities of your loved ones.

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