Are you waiting for Ascension or a Rapture? The world we live in is not what it seems. Demonic forces are in charge of this realm. Ever since the beginning of the Age of Iron or the Age of Kali Yuga, that began more than 5000 years ago these demonic forces created many traps to enslave, control and harm us. By “us” I mean all organic beings that are a natural part of this Reality called Earth. These traps are so complex, that they appear invisible to the masses. Even now, 5000 years into this Age, the waking process is incredibly slow.

The most effective matrix systems invented to enslave huge numbers of humans  are the economic and religious belief systems. They were put in place to allow these inter-dimensional entities to feed off of our human emotions of fear, misery and suffering. They offer the ‘solution’ to our plight with an assortment of religious ideologies: each offers the promise of “salvation” from our miseries, only after we leave here, of course.

One of the clever ‘salvation’ programming offered up is an astral playground, or heaven

ascensionThe  ascended masters of the ‘attic’




By allowing us to have a peak at a different dimension, further intriguing and playing on our imagination and gullibility, we fall for one massive deception after another, time and time again. In the make-believe world of the astral plane we can project any dreams, events and futures we want, limited only by our imaginations.

The latest imaginary playground we are fed to believe in is called ‘space’.

The latest religion called ‘science’ has to be the most cleverly projected programming to date. “Science” has invented the idea of ‘space’, that captures the imagination of most us humans and we are even told that some day we will “conquer” this space. What is more, supposedly a ‘few good men’ even visited there. Never mind that the physical nature of our reality does not allow for travel beyond a few kilometers above the surface of Earth. In the make-believe world of science-ology such trivial problems are simply overlooked.


Imaginary ‘Space’





I can go on, the list is long, but the most important factor in all this is that we never wake up from this fantasy world and realize just how magnificent, eternal and powerful beings we really are.

These programs also keep us from finding out about all the horrible torturous events humans suffer daily: the mass genocides perpetrated for centuries; the ongoing vicious wars keep piling destruction upon destruction of the human race for millennia.

Some of us do manage to develop our intuitive abilities and tap into the Higher Realms of our origins…

However, we should not confuse such abilities with the ‘programmed’ messages prepared for those gullible individuals who open themselves up to be used as an ‘empty vessel’ and unwittingly end up transmitting fake information to the rest of the masses. These programmed messages are cooked up on the astral plane, very near our 3rd dimensional level. I usually call this astral plane the “attic”, as it is where old outworn thought forms, bizarre belief systems wind up, stuck between dimensions.

Are you experiencing your inner ascension? If you are still reading this it’s a good sign that you are in the process of waking up

Take for example, the magical world of numbers, the language of mathematics. It, too was invented to build another layer of lock-down matrix around our organic world, leaving only a few secret ‘star-gate’ passages for the initiated ones to escape.

In Ancient times humans had direct access to a higher dimensional Spiritual Self, but this ability has been blocked since the Age of Iron set in. This access has been replaced by a fake “spiritual world” that is primarily operated by black magic.

Examples of the ‘spiritual world’ phenomena are: ‘synchronicities’, ‘channeling’, ‘enlightenment,’ ‘angelic visits’, ‘oneness bliss’, etc. Most of these states are usually achieved with extended esoteric practices, extensive meditations, mantra repetitions or prayers, the onset of serious prolonged illness, accidents, near-death experience, torture, abuse or some form of self-abuse.

Chakras are also holographic implants. Karma has been imposed on us to enslave and punish us for our ‘sins’. Reincarnation is yet another matrix tool invented to recycle souls trapped in a specific religion or some form of fake belief system. Such thought forms keep a passing soul trapped in the ‘attic’ and soon has no other choice but to return here and repeat the cycle again and again.

If we are waiting for a ‘Rapture’ or ‘Ascension’ type event, we can be waiting forever

Not one single external event is going to liberate us. The religion matrix or the latest belief system-de-jour is designed to keep us in this reality for as long as possible. After all, the archon-gelic demi-urge entities need our precious energies. Ultimately however,  it is our dogged beliefs that give these demonic rulers permission to use our mind, body and soul to be trapped in this Duality-based world.

Thinking that ‘Love and Light’ prayers will prevent you from returning into these cycles over and over, think again. In reality it is your own beliefs in external beings, archangels, ascended masters, gurus, enlightened beings in the angelic realms is the reason you are not able to ascend to go Home. Truly, the only way to disengage from being recycled is by letting go of the shackles of beliefs.

I know, I know, the latest mantra already has an answer to this argument claiming that you are selfish if you have no belief. Really? No, this is not true. This statement is simply another clever form of manipulation to keep you locked in the Belief Matrix.

The absolute truth is your Ascension can only happen from within.

Remove the shackles of programmed beliefs, fears and attachments. When you do that, you will realize the amazing power you have within you. The entities from the ‘attic’ pretending to be of Light are only impostors using your personal power and energy. Allow your Inner Ascension and tap into the Higher Being that You truly are!

Declare your Sovereignty!


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