Soulmate signs in Chinese Astrology are paired based on their elemental compatibility. Do you know your Soulmate sign? One of the most powerful human relationships ever in existence is the soulmate relationship.

Do you know your Soulmate sign?

Soulmate signs have a strong knowing about their connection that may reach back to previous associations, perhaps in previous lifetimes. These connections are very potent, because the souls find each other familiar. They recognize it within a short time that they indeed have a soul connection. We can include in this category “kindred spirits”, “supportive karmic friends” or “spiritual helpers” as well.

Between Soulmate signs attraction is very magnetic

Soul mates are mutually supportive of each other, ensuring that they serve the highest good in helping to bring on the best form of spiritual growth in one another. If for any reason they have to be separated they may never forget each other.

It is observed by many that Soul mates often find each other by synchronicity: without having to actively search for their relationships. Once they are spiritually prepared to meet it takes little effort for them to connect.

Soulmate Signs in Chinese Astrology

  • Rat – Ox
  • Tiger – Pig
  • Rabbit – Dog
  • Dragon – Rooster
  • Snake – Monkey
  • Horse – Goat

soulmate signs

Soulmates or Karmic partners?

-The Dragon and the Dog are often at odds with each other as they both like to do things their way.

-The Dog and Rooster relationship can also be challenging, unless there are additional compatible elements in both of their charts.

-The Tiger and the Monkey can get easily annoyed, as each wants to outsmart the other.

-There may also be hostility developing between the Tiger and the Snake.

-Meanwhile the Horse and Rat can have one too many disagreements to make for a harmonious union.

-The Sheep and Ox pair also finds little in common with one another.

-Are the Rabbit and Rooster able to work out their differences? Only if there are additional compatible aspects found in their natal charts.

Please note: these are general statements, each individual chart contains a combination of signs and elements that also need to be taken into account.

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