The Power of Eclipses are amazingly trance-formative each year. During the March eclipses we are to process and assemble fragmented aspects of our Being.  The electromagnetic Fields between Earth and the Sun are charged with tremendous power. During the eclipses these electromagnetic vibrations send bursts of power that charge all parts of our Selves to be integrated into wholeness. This will help us realign with our Higher (or extended Multidimensional) Consciousness.

This Consciousness is our direct attunement with Source. Perhaps these charges are sent from the Higher Dimensions as a new wake-up call. The sleeping masses are jolted to take a step in a new direction. Each of us have much to do to raise our frequency vibration in order to increase our level of Spiritual growth.

The Power of eclipses can remove negative thought forms

We can be mindful of this process by allowing the emotional body, the heart and mind to open and release all outworn thought forms, negative emotions and attachments, so that our energy can flow freely.

1Let us focus our minds only on the essentials. Allow distractions to flow away, like water in a sink. Let us concentrate only on the refreshing vibrations that connect us with our extended Multidimensional Selves.

What is trance-formative about  these eclipses?

Between Earth and the Sun there is a perfectly synchronized, ever-flowing electromagnetic relationship. The connecting transformers in this beautiful dance are Humans. It is Human Consciousness that completes the loop between the Sun, the Earth, and Aether. The Sun requires the transformer –or the human body- to ground all information received from Source.

This year the power of the March eclipses provide the amazing trance-formation needed so we can see with more clarity and uncover deeper truths hidden from us. Dark secret agendas will no longer be hidden under such intense light frequencies in the eyes of those who can see.

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