The Evolution of Human Consciousness resembles the development of the butterfly.  The metamorphosis of the butterfly is illustrated in the video. We are getting closer to reaching critical mass. Humanity is about to transform from caterpillars into butterflies.

This video illustrates the painful process of this transformation. The early stages of human consciousness goes through real struggles. As the caterpillar slowly develops and turns into a free butterfly, our consciousness also goes through a serious transformation.

“When a caterpillar reaches a certain point in its own evolution, it becomes over-consumptive: a voracious eater. It eats everything in sight. At that same time in the molecular structure of the caterpillar the “imaginal cells” become active. While all this gorging is going on those ‘imaginal’ cells wake up and they look for each other inside of the caterpillar’s body.

When enough of them connect they become the genetic directors of the future of the caterpillar. They don’t need to be in the majority. At that point the other cells begin to putrefy. They become  the so-called nutritive soup. From this soup the ‘imaginal’ cells create the absolute unpredictable miracle of the butterfly.

What is possible is that  we  are the “imaginal cells” on the planet right now.”

Inspired by Elisabeth Sahtouris

Evolution of Human Consciousness

The caterpillar must give up the comforts on relying on its environment. We can easily observe the painful struggles of this transformation and shift in the evolution of human consciousness

In the early stages of development the caterpillar is destructive to its own environment. At the same time it is not free. It had to depend on many life forms for survival. As the real butterfly emerges from the cocoon it becomes light and free to fly. The butterfly pays a big price for this freedom. It had to persevere through a painful metamorphosis.  In the end it reaches its most perfect and optimal life form.


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