Weather you have Wealth Luck from birth or you make your own wealth later in life can be clearly detected during your Destiny analysis. Some people are born into a wealthy family and maintain their wealth all their lives. Others may be lucky from birth but may not hold on to their financial fortunes. The third alternative of course, is if you make your own wealth, by hard work in a career, a business, a lucky marriage or by inheritance.

wealth luck

In Chinese Metaphysics it is possible to reveal the timing of your Wealth Luck

If you have the potential to become wealthy, your Four Pillars of Destiny chart will reflect that. There are several areas we can look for this information on a person’s birth chart. If someone was born into wealth, it is reflected in the overall chart. However, we must also find out if this person will remain financially lucky in the long run. In order to determine if a person can maintain his wealth luck, we should check his 10-year Luck cycles, the Ruler and Offspring elements while also taking into account what his career Luck reveals.

Can Ba Zi Destiny analysis help with your Wealth Luck?

Absolutely! Just like a road map that helps you navigate to your destination, so too, your Destiny chart can help you navigate on your Life Journey. For example, you may decide to take a bold step forward and start a business during a favorable 10-year Luck pillar. If you did not know when your Luck is at its best, such a decision could turn out to be a loss, rather than success. Knowing what types of careers bring you specifically optimum wealth luck and success is also vital. The destiny chart can help you make such intelligent decisions.

What if Wealth Luck is missing in your Birth chart?

Many successful people do not have a Wealth Luck star, yet they may be multi-millionaires. How can that happen? For example, if a person has a favorable influence from the Ruler or Offspring elements, it could bring them even more profound wealth luck than a great amount of the wealth element. Here, again, the Output (or offspring) element is very important to consider.

Too much Wealth Luck reflected in the chart may mean the opposite: lack of Wealth

Often we see a lot of Wealth Luck in a Destiny chart, yet the person is in a financially dire situation. How is that possible? Once the percentage of the Wealth -or Subordinate- element is too overwhelming, the yin/yang balance of the chart becomes unstable. In such a case we must look to the Hour Pillar, the Ruler element and the 10-year cycle for remedy. A quick career change, or consolidation of assets may bring short-term result. By carefully planning a new life path that best suits your purpose is almost always the surest way to reach success.

Wealth Luck and your Life Purpose should be in harmony to reach overall success in life

Your Ba Zi Destiny chart speaks volumes about you and about your purpose in life. For example, if there is an abundant amount of Resources element or Day Pillar element present, the chart reflects adequate strength and stamina to maintain success.  If the Ruler element is overwhelming, it can tell us about self-discipline and great personal power, that is needed to succeed if someone wants to start their own business.

Can you create a wealthy and successful life for yourself?

If you love what you do and are able to create a Life path for yourself where you also DO what you Love, we have a winner. Doing what you love makes time irrelevant. You can never be tired or bored of doing what comes natural to you. If you persevere with your unique Purpose, remain flexible, innovative and creative, it is a sure bet that you can reach long-lasting Wealth Luck on the side as well. 🙂

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