We, humans were designed to live in Abundance. However, for the past millennia a scarcity mindset has become the accepted norm. Why does it have to be so?

Scarcity or Poverty-thinking: not having, being, doing, feeling enough

What is it that squeezes the life out of us so that we resign to a shadow of our true selves? How do we stop this cycle of belief in ‘Lack of’ versus Abundance? Truly, one of the greatest malaise of our times is Scarcity, often called ‘Poverty-thinking’. We catch it like a virus and keep passing it on for years, without realizing how much better we would feel without it.

In working with hundreds of people, I have repeatedly encountered the tragic theme of “I am not enough”: not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, young enough, old enough, worthy enough…Almost as prevalent is the theme of “There is not enough”: not enough time, money, opportunity, love, cooperation, power, you name it… This prevailing premise of “not-enough-ness” successfully cripples the lives of people who would otherwise be buoyant and passionate.

What is the greatest enemy within that stops us from being as creative, caring, and resilient as we could be?

As if in a trance, a semi-conscious state or a daze, we accept what we’re told and we continue to pass it on without a question. Scarcity shows up in all types of personalized versions, but the results are always the same. Instead of tapping into the brilliance and creativity we all have, the world gets the by-products of actions that oppress, isolate, exclude and defeat.

Scarcity has very little value, in fact it produces enormous waste

This trance may show up privately, as self-doubt and over-consumerism, or publicly, as an arrogant disregard for future generations. Many of us spend our time lamenting the way things are, justifying all the reasons why they can’t be different, and preparing for the worst. Whether we act as the oppressed or the oppressor, we are caught in a web of our own making. As a reigning myth for the past 100 years, this collective trance effectively keeps us from living in peace with ourselves and each other.


There is life on the other side –a life of Abundance: vitality, fulfillment and joy

I remember it, this is how life was meant to be. It’s not a pipe dream, it also resides deep within each and everyone of us. It is screaming to be let free, and move us into Abundance! To do that we need to shed an honest light on our beliefs and confronting whatever has lived within and face the stone cold truth. Breaking free is the polar opposite of comfort or stalemate. We must break free from sedating ourselves and tolerate the captivity of our minds.

We are living in the most exciting times of fundamental transformation

Leading the way are the distant luminaries: such as Pluto: disrupting while rebuilding; Uranus: infusing surprise attacks and future Progress ; and beneficial Jupiter – all in a symphony to create lasting transformations on Earth right now, in our lifetime!

The more each of us chooses to live and breathe within a reality of Sufficiency and Abundance the sooner we will break the cycle of powerlessness that now holds us in a state of trance.

We end this disastrous tale when we stop telling it to ourselves and each other, when we begin to embody a better reality. The trance loses its power when we address the source of the suffering rather than apply a bandage to the symptoms.

Let us eliminate suffering caused by the Scarcity mindset

To successfully upgrade from scarcity and struggle to abundance we must interrupt and discard old patterns that have been living comfortably within us, acting like they own the place. A little discomfort can end a lifetime of suffering.
What we embody becomes our way of being. Our way of being in the world is the result of what we practice—whether or not it is intentional. Our habits and automatic reactions live deeply embedded in our cells. That’s why the conceptual approach of “mind over matter” does little more than irritate, because it cannot override what is already embodied.

The good news is we already have all the tools within us to make the fundamental shift away from the daze of Scarcity and into Abundance. We can change our experience from a life dominated by struggle and constriction to a life of greater ease and infinite possibilities.

Abundance should not be confused with the nihilist notion of “As long as I have what I need, that’s all that matters.”

Real abundance means living in a state of continuous  flow

and welcoming our interconnectedness with everyone and everything.  Little by little, we shall release ourselves from the ‘Me ‘orientation that has led to separation and enter the ‘We’ orientation that makes room for open and connect our hearts and minds. This awesome transformation is really happening right now, as we are entering the Age of Knowing.

In my coaching sessions many of you had experienced the conscious shift to the state of Abundance and permanently removed the trance of  ‘not–enough–ness’. I am committed to continue to work along these lines to help each one of you live the Reality of Abundance.
My prayer is simple: I wish for all of us to Live Thrive and Be Abundant in the Present Moment!

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