Empathy is needed now more than ever. It is a noble trait in humanity that can transform the world of nihilism into a world based on love and understanding.

Empaths are highly sensitive

They have a deep sense of knowing of the feelings of another’s emotions. Empaths can relate to that person by sensing their true feelings that run deeper than those portrayed on the surface. Some Empaths have developed a great inner strength, allowing them to understand the emotional ups-and-downs of another person without being affected by it themselves.

Empaths usually are born with these abilities

– it is not something that can be learned or acquired later in life. By developing a mindfulness of Self and understanding the deeper aspects of empathy, with time they are able to develop an acceptance of this heavy trait within themselves.

empathyGenerally empathy should be practiced in all human circumstances equally, yet sadly, most people express little empathy in their daily lives towards their fellow humans or other living beings around them, except perhaps for those in their closest circles.

Some say Empaths are old souls

Empaths are able to feel another person’s true emotions because they walked the walk: they experienced a great variety of past lives and circumstances, enabling them to walk in another’s shoes.

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Empaths can find the deeper truth behind the emotional turmoil and help bring it to the surface. It is essential that an Empath remain balanced in his/her personal power so as not to let herself sink into the drama of the situation. In that case great healing can occur. However, more often than not, the Empath is not protected. In this case healing cannot occur because s/he may absorb the painful emotions of another, thus both parties may end up weakened by the experience.

Empaths should remain mindful not to open themselves up too far…

…as they may risk allowing some of your run-of-the-mill energy vampires or drama queens to enter their energy fields. These people can cause lasting emotional damage to anyone they come in contact with, but especially may harm the Empath.

Empathy and Judgement

Those who become judgmental while appearing to have empathy are not true Empaths. Empathy stems from unconditional acceptance, while judgment comes from ego-based control. The Empath’s connection to his/her Divinity can only heal if judgment is completely suspended.

Empathy is often equated with Compassion

While Empaths are also compassionate, not all compassionate people are Empaths. Compassion may be more often expressed by the average person than empathy. Most people who are witnessing the suffering of others feel passionate about wanting to do something about it. However, the difference is that a compassionate person does not necessarily share the feelings of the other person. They do not step into the shoes of the sufferer when they show compassion to him or her.

Without understanding his or her feelings, they simply feel sorry for him or her. This is the main difference between empathy and compassion.

In some cases compassion may lead to empathy

Empathy is a much more complex humane quality than compassion and the two should not be confused. Remaining properly self aware can help us be more effective while practicing compassion towards others and ourselves. I hope we never lose our ability to practice compassion and empathy. These noble traits are signs that we are still authentic human beings.

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