The awakening awareness of the Sovereign Self has been oppressed for millennia. However,these current times offer great opportunities for awakening.

Our collective mind and multitudes of thought forms exist on an astral dimensional landscape right near us. These thought forms and collective thought trends, like ocean waves strongly affect our time space reality. Like an orchestra conductor, they direct all the symphonies of world events down to the details of our individual lives.

Whatever Awareness happens on the world stage is first created in the collective mind

There has been a false illusionary time line inserted into our organically flowing timeline and like an iron fence, it surrounds the original authentic timeline. Our Human Family is in the process of awakening from the imprisonment of the fake collective consciousness this timeline had forced on it.

This artificial time is just an illusion, a false perception. It existed for so long that most of the human race was/is unaware of it. This false perception of time and the physical reality it governs locks our awareness and emotions into this reality. This is what ended up creating a self-destructive, devolutionary trend for humans and all life forms on Earth.


We are reaching a crossroads on this artificial timeline

As more and more of us are waking up from the illusion and chose to reclaim our free will, we are inching closer to our true sovereign state of being. This in turn opens the flood gates of emotional energy, allowing us to experience the responsibility of a free mind and authentic Essence.

With the current eclipses behind us, we are now able to witness the release of the greater frequencies of Love and emotions that challenge us to own up to the possibilities these psychic energies offer. We are taking our first baby steps towards the higher dimensional realms of Unconditional Love. These next few months the major challenge will be to master ourselves so we can understand such a great shift on our Soul Journey.

The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elemental happenings of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a quite terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions which are nothing other than psychic epidemics. At any moment several millions of human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides, and inundations, modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche.                                                    ~Carl Jung

Entering new paths of Awareness lead to the realm of Unconditional Love

By the process of integration and balancing the mind we untangle ourselves from the chains of illusions. In turn we enter the ever widening paths of wholeness and healing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our selves. These new paths offer endless possibilities to uncover deeper truths about our Inner Being and the external world we navigate.

The higher dimensional time-space awaiting us is the realm of Unconditional Love. We are inching closer to this realm. As we purify the mind the egoic fear-based trappings of the illusionary time-space fall away. As a result we access the amazing awareness of the Sovereign Self – our real authentic Self.

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