A well-balanced Feng Shui home environment can bring you good fortune if the basic ingredients to balance the home with its environment are correctly implemented.

The Ancient Chinese home was built so that its front was facing South and the back was facing North. The East was also often used either as entrance into an inner courtyard or for meal preparation, for eating or work areas.

Feng Shui Home and the North-South axis

Feng Shui Home

An ancient Chinese home sitting North

The Ancients knew very well that the Earth’s magnetic field forms along the North-South axis. Building homes on this axis ensures that the Feng Shui of the home allows for proper alignment with the earth’s magnetic field. A North-South orientation is also practical for homes located in the Northern hemi-plane, so as to receive ample amounts of sunlight during winter months and stay cool during the hot summer weather.

Feng Shui and Yin and Yang

An important element that is part of Feng-Shui is simply termed Yin and Yang. These symbols mean two opposite forces that are in perpetual motion and transformation, affecting everything in our reality.Feng Shui Home

In a Feng-Shui home, facing North is Yin and facing South is Yang.  Low ground is Yin, high ground is Yang.  During the Feng Shui analysis for a home, we take into account the influence of Yin and Yang. In addition to Yin and Yang, Ba Zi or the eight form analysis is also used.

A Good Feng Shui in the home brings good luck to the inhabitants

In today’s world not all homes can face in the ideal direction of North-South. Feng Shui for the home is an art that can in many cases turn bad luck around and bring improvement to the lives of the home. A skilled Feng Shui consultant can use even more elaborate Feng Shui home analysis to create an optimum energy flow that will benefit everyone in the family.

Feng Shui Home

All five elements are used in a balanced Feng Shui home

Feng Shui analysis for the home always should take into consideration the surrounding environment, the neighborhood, the landscape and the home as all are important elements of the whole.

Feng Shui is about constant change

Even the greatest Feng-Shui may not last forever.  Changes in the neighborhood, street construction or renovations will affect the Feng-Shui of any home.

Feng Shui is never constant. While we may not change anything in our home and the neighborhood, the Feng-Shui in it still changes within ten to twenty years. This is the nature of Ch’I – it is in constant flux, bringing perpetual transformation to all physical environments, including our homes.

The best Feng Shui keeps up with the changes in the environment

Just like our natural environment is in constant change and renewal, the best Feng Shui for the home is one that keeps up with the changes.

Not all properties are beneficial for everyone.  Each property has its unique energy flow and character.  A good Feng Shui on a home can protect its inhabitants from bad luck. If a home has great Feng-Shui, the people living there enjoy good fortune. It is a good idea to remember and practice some basic Feng Shui techniques in order to preserve the balance between the home, its’ surroundings and the people living there.

Feng Shui Home


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