Fear resides in the deep crevices of our Emotional Body, and it seems to have priority access to our Conscious Mind, often overriding any other emotion.

We fall into a trance when Fear takes over

We enter a vicious dance, a dance we danced millions of times before. The dance steps are always the same boring steps. First we take backward steps into the Past then keep stepping into the Future. Pretty soon we end up swinging back and forth on the sew-saw of this artificial timeline never stopping in the Now.

When we allow Fear to take us for a ride, it grabs us from the Present Moment and we are yanked onto another, a false timeline. On this timeline only the Past and Future exist.

Fear has no value – it does not exist in the NOW

Fear owns the artificial timeline, and once we fall into its trap, it can own us: our emotions, our mind and our body. Fear IS the cancer of humanity.  Fear can keep entire groups, nations in its grips, holding them on this artificial timeline indefinitely. Love cannot exist on the artificial timeline of Fear, it vibrates at a higher octave.


Love exists in the Now and Eternity

Love vibrates at the organic higher octaves, matching the frequencies of our hearts and that of Mother Earth. The false timeline of the Fear matrix has been artificially imposed upon this Earth realm affecting humanity from an early age through fear-based programming such as the school systems, religious institutions, the media and various government [govern=control, ment= mind]  ‘services’ and programs.

We are bombarded with fear-based programming daily. It is up to us to become mindful, to develop our awareness to stay on our organic timeline.

What is our simple cure for Fear? Be in the NOW

We have one single original, organic timeline, called the Present Moment – NOW. One simple Breath is often enough to take us back into our center, to our Present Moment. It is only here, in the NOW that we can love, breathe and thrive.

Remember, if you find yourself yanked on the artificial timeline of Fear it is easy to get lost and confused. So, it’s best not to allow Fear into our Emotional Body to begin with.  If we are mindful, we can simply jump back in the NOW with as little as one conscious breath… but more is always better 🙂        ©destinicoach


So, Breathe… And stay in your NOW 🙂          

Featured Image: from Pinterest

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